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Company strategies: how inbound helps you reduce risk


Company strategies: how inbound helps you reduce risk

February 19, 2019
Today, with digital transformation and globalization, the economy is much more volatile than in other periods. Due to the media presence, companies have no right to make mistakes due to the immediate social recrimination to which they are exposed.list_altIndex of contents
But, first of all, what do we mean by ‘risk’?
Success story: Clínica Baviera
But, first of all, what do we mean by ‘risk’?
Risk is anything that could harm our company , which can be financial or phone search canada . And there are several types.
According to the Global Risk Management Survey study carried out by Aon, with almost 2000 responses from public and private companies, of different sizes and belonging to different industries, a list of the 10 most prominent risks has been developed :
Damage to reputation / brand.
Economic slowdown slow recovery.
Increased competition.
Regulatory / legislative changes.
Cyber ​​crime / hacking / viruses / malicious codes.
Not innovating or meeting customer needs.
Failure to attract or retain top talent.
Business interruption.
Political risk or uncertainty.
Civil liability.
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The characteristics and knowledge of new buyers, the introduction of technology in all areas of our lives and the consumer’s perception of the speed (or slowness) of processes, mean that companies must take new risks and even leave old ones.



An example of a risk that has dropped in the “Top 10” list is property damage, as other types of risks have become more important.In this article I will focus on some of the risks mentioned above. Read on to take action against these risks and implement inbound marketing in the strategies of a company. You are interested!How to control your brand image?
We must take into account new buyers: people who search the internet, inform themselves, share, listen to their relatives or even famous people, now called ‘influencers’.The reputation of our company in the Betting Email List is priceless capital. 87% of users search the internet for opinions before buying. If your company is not there and your competition is, it is very likely that they will not consider you for their purchase.Looking for information on the internet before buying can give us vertigo, but I have a fact that will make you happy: 87% of the comments published on the net are positive.This means that we must fight to keep these comments, but, in addition to that, offer interesting content for our audience. The data doesn’t lie and highlights the importance of having good brand awareness and consistency. There are several ways to engage with your consumer, one of them is inbound marketing.Get your ticket for Inbound Leaders 2019!
Emerged in 2005, this strategy is based on accompanying the user throughout the purchase process, offering appropriate content for each of the phases in which they are. And do you know what the engine of all this is? I’ll tell you about it below!Users are tired of advertising, so they want to “discover” our product or service for themselves. With inbound, what we will do is the same: offer them content so that, little by little, they gain confidence in us and we can offer them our product because we know what they need. All this in a very transparent way and without intrusive advertising: through a blog, an email or any other relationship tool.Using inbound marketing not only helps us to give content to our target audience, but it also helps us to show what we know how to do. It is no longer about making a blind purchase, we have had the opportunity to build trust with our buyer persona and even become a benchmark in the sector . How about?Economic risks
When we speak of economic risk we refer to the volatility of a company’s income . Due to new trends, innovation and purchasing methods, companies have to constantly reinvent themselves. But how to foresee an economic slowdown? We measure it with interest.Thanks to new technologies, we can obtain resources at a very low cost. A web page gives us a virtual showcase, and tools such as Google Analytics or the statistics of social networks themselves provide us with data for the achievement of objectives. With these tools we can analyze if the actions we are carrying out are obtaining the expected results.Thanks to inbound marketing, we can know and meet our buyer persona, the first step for everything else, such as:

Find out what their interests are.
Analyze the competition on your social networks.
Generate a database to know who it is, who buys from you and if your product suits their needs.
Interaction with our public to modify or propose a product or service more appropriate to their needs.
All this does not bring us immediate benefits, but it creates a relationship with the user that will make the first and subsequent purchases possible.[PDF] How to start an Inbound Marketing departent

Talent retention
The concept of studying a career, getting a job and staying in the same place without having to update seems to have become obsolete. In the same way that buyers change their concept of the buying process, companies must adapt to them. And by company I mean above all the people who work in it.The recruitment of talent is a pending issue in some companies and, for this, what they need is to reinvent themselves. Young people do not see themselves for more than two and a half years in a company. This fact has its positive side and its less positive side (to put it optimistically). If this happens in corporations, we must do something. The solution is process automation. And automation in inbound marketing makes the selection process of future employees very agile.It is not the same that the know-how of a company is taken by the employee who stays in the company, don’t you think? In this case, we need to proceed, so that if an employee leaves, their tasks or the way in which they are organized will remain in the company so that the employee who replaces them does not start from scratch.The relevance of inbound marketing in attracting and keeping customers is growing. That is why implementing it can avoid some of the risks we have in the company: it differentiates us from the competition, generates trust with potential clients, with a low budget we can obtain valuable information to modify and improve our actions, etc.Success story: Clínica Baviera
So that you can see that it is possible, I am going to explain a real case to you: Clínica Baviera has been one of the companies that has relied on inbound marketing for its strategy and has given it very good results so far.strategies of a baviera clinical companyThe data proves it: more than 5,000 leads in its database and more than 120,000 monthly visits to its website. In addition, it has managed to position itself as a benchmark in the sector and, in turn, has improved its brand image thanks to inbound marketing.If you want to know more details about this success story, I encourage you to download the complete document at this link .What do you think of the risks a company faces? I await your comments!

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