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Community manager hired. Let the game begin!


Community manager hired. Let the game begin!

With the arrival of social networks to marketing strategies, companies are having to re-formulate their organization chart.
More and more companies are incorporating social networks into their marketing strategy as a result of the great boom that the digital environment is experiencing. This exponential growth is leading to many companies having to modify their organization chart by incorporating new professional profiles with great knowledge of the digital world . According to a study by the Inesdi Institute , together with the Deusto how to get a database of phone numbers School , the most demanded professional in the digital environment in 2013 was the figure of the Community Manager (25%) followed by the Digital Marketing Manager (19%) and the Social Media Manager (13 %). The Community Manager (CM) plays a very important role in the reputation of a company since it is in charge of managing its image on social networks . There are some CMs who have already won the affection of their followers for their controversial, as well as funny, comments on the network. However, others are carried away by their impulsiveness and have starred in discussions and battles with their followers or with other brands.


Here I leave you with a collection of conversations and meetings featuring big brands on Twitter:
1. OREO vs KIT KAT: The parodic discussion about who deserves the love and loyalty of this user leads to a fun game of tic-tac-toe .oreo 1oreo 2 oreo 32. HONDA vs TACO BELL, SKITTLES, OREO, DORITOS, ETC. Betting Email List created a controversial promotional campaign to publicize its Odyssey line of cars with an integrated vacuum cleaner in which various “snacks” from big brands were sucked. Some of them, like Lays and Trolli, anticipated Honda and created their own cartoon of the brand.oreo-hondaoreo-honda2oreo-honda3doritosLegoskittieswonkasunchipslaystrolli3. OLD SPICE vs TACO BELL. Old Spice tries to provoke Taco Bell with a comment about his hot sauce that practically turns against him.tacobelltaco24. BLACKBERRY vs NOKIA. Nokia responds to the BlackBerry commercial message with a mockery of the brand and implying that everyone has switched to the Nokia Lumia.babynokia5. O2 vs TESCO MOBILE. The two leading UK phone companies engage in a battle of “raps” in which they make satirical comments to each other.

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