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Communication for CSOs … vital for their survival


Communication for CSOs … vital for their survival

Why CSOs need digital communication

2 out of 3 people in Mexico consider CSOs to be trustworthy
Communication is an intangible but highly profitable value for them
The brand reputation is not only essential for businesses, it is also for anyone and any organization … including those non-profit. It is for this reason that Qatar Phone Number List and communication for CSOs is essential if they want to survive in a reality that is becoming more complex every day.And it is that the awareness and reputation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has become their letter of introduction to attract partners, sponsors, volunteers and resources that allow them to continue with their activities.In Mexico, according to the Mexican Center for Philanthropy ( CEMEFI ), 2 out of 3 people believe that CSOs are trustworthy, so taking care of their image and what they communicate is essential to attract support for their cause.

Importance of communication for civil society organizations
It is well known that CSOs do not have large budgets to execute large campaigns, however, when CSOs do not carry out these dissemination tasks, the result is that nobody knows about them and therefore, obtaining resources of any kind becomes minimal or null. In this context, digital communication and social networks for CSOs could be the option, since it has a more profitable cost per action.Examples of communication for CSOsPETAPETA, for example, has posts on Instagram where it answers frequently asked questions about animals.CSOs know that working on their image and reputation is necessary to be able to achieve new alliances with both the private sector and the general public, however, due to their reduced budgets, the communication area does not exist or is limited to be able to carry out the necessary activities that contribute to the promotion and reputation of the organization.Gonzalo Taddei, president of Central de Foundations, (CEDEFU).Dr. SmilesDr. Sonrisas uses his Instagram to show the work done with allied companies or institutions that make dreams of children with health problems possible.

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In Mexico there are 42,269 registered CSOs, however we only know a few of these and the ones we are aware of is because they have had outreach campaigns that have allowed them to become known to the general public. That is why communicating your actions is essential to, on the one hand, build your reputation and, on the other, to be able to influence the creation of awareness about the cause that we are promoting.Gonzalo Taddei, president of Central de Foundations, (CEDEFU).Operation SmileOperation Smile, which operates massive days for children with cleft lip and palate problems, uses its networks to show the change in their lives; and on Fridays he asks his followers for support.The principle for every organization to have effective communication is with a strengthened communication area or an agency that supports it, so that it can have specialists capable of promoting projects that can build the image of the organization as well as the values ​​and social benefits that they promote.Taking advantage of the opportunities that communication provides for CSOs is a transcendental factor that can be, in many cases, the difference between one cause being promoted and another not, because although it is an intangible value, its benefits translate into greater credibility, options for alliances with the private initiative and the unconditional support of the public that identifies with the cause. Finally, in Mexico there are 80% of the citizens willing to support those who need it most and what better way to do it from the organizations that have the infrastructure to achieve it.

Gonzalo Taddei, president of Central de Foundations, (CEDEFU).
Origin FoundationFundación Origen also seeks to obtain resources through merchandise with a cause that it promotes on its social networks.Communication for CSOs is only the first step to build your reputation and image, and as a consequence amplify your social impact and obtain followers, volunteers and resources through your cause. This is valid for both civil organizations and business foundations .
Count on meIn Spain, Cuenta Conmigo, an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion, uses its networks to spread news about these groups around the world.If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail the Betting Email List, communication and reputation strategies to create brands that inspire, you can receive them at the door of your email … And if you need advice for your organization , you need us to disseminate some content or need online marketing training , give us a shout out. We love hearing from you.

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