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Commercial communication: HubSpot sequences to increase sales


Commercial communication: HubSpot sequences to increase sales

One of the most common challenges faced by the commercial department is closing sales. In B2B companies, in which the sales force plays a fundamental role in getting customers, as well as in those in which sales come from referrals or contacts, it is normal to create strategies to get salespeople to close more sales. But the truth is that, no matter how much you have references and contacts, if your company wants to grow, it cannot depend solely on these two sources of business opportunities. Can you imagine why?list_altIndex of contents
Commercial communication: 6 tips to improve your conversion rate
To achieve growth in sales and, therefore, the company, you have to create a funnel that grows sustainably over time and depends in part on good any uk phone number work. With this created as a basis, the sales department will have to receive these business opportunities, qualify them to see if they are ready fo sale and finally present the proposal.With all this well-defined base, the next step would be to address the following question: How can we close a business opportunity as soon as possible and how can we automate it so that the same salesperson can work as many opportunities as possible without losing quality or personalization?Do you need to speed up the sales process of your company? Access the free PDF and learn how to do it
Commercial communication: 6 tips to improve your conversion rate
Improving the conversion rate and automating the work are the priorities to work within the commercial team. To achieve this, in this article I am going to explain 6 actions that will help you contribute to it:


1. Automate communications (sequences) to the maximum
I’m going to start with the basics: streamline the routine tasks of salespeople. This is essential to ensure that the time invested is of quality and you do not waste time in repetitive or routine actions.Once you are clear about the buyer person you want to address and have identified the prospects (potential customers), you can propose a sequence of automated emails to get a closer relationship with them, as well as promote a more fluid conversation.You can learn more about this in this article in which I talk about how to streamline routine tasks for salespeople . In it, in addition to this, I also give you ideas of tools, both free and paid, to streamline your communications or sequences with prospects.2. Add videos to emails when prospecting
As you well know, video marketing is on the rise, since it has been confirmed that it helps improve engagement with users. Specifically, in the case of sending emails, there are studies that show that adding videos in the mailings you send to your business opportunities increases the response rate.If you want to incorporate sending videos into your emails, you can opt for one of these two options:Own video: you can create a video by recording yourself or your computer screen with applications such as ScreenCastify or Loom. This allows you a much more personalized contact with the prospect. For example, let’s say we receive a contact request form for my company and we sell software, for example, from social networks. When I receive the request, I can record myself doing a little analysis of my prospect and explaining how my social media software could help her. This makes me face when he answers, listen to my voice and see that I have dedicated time exclusively to him.
Video of my own organization: in this case, if employees of my organization upload videos on the company’s YouTube channel or there is a corporate video that can help explain who the company is, we can include it in the mailing for extra information.
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3. The use of social networks
Social networks are part of our day to day, and this is an opportunity for the sales team to position themselves in these as an expert in their sector. For this, it is important to encourage salespeople to publish on social networks autonomously and, above all, to share the content that is created from the company itself. From downloadable or ebooks to news or articles, the important thing is that the visible faces of the company and those who will be the first contact with the client are active and denote experience and knowledge.

In B2B companies, it would be advisable to publish it on LinkedIn , since it is considered the professional social network par excellence. It is best to publish an article from the social network itself, since the algorithm tends to give more visibility to this type of content. However, if you don’t have that much time, you can share content from the blog, YouTube channel, etc.If you want to know more about how to get the sales team to use social networks, you can see this ebook on digital selling written by Álex López.4. Have online visibility
Enjoying visibility in the online world cannot be limited solely to posting on social networks. That is why, beyond having a presence on the social plane, as I mentioned in the previous point, you have to work on other actions, such as creating video content or collaborating on article exchanges with other companies in the sector that are not your competition.And it is that having more visibility online means that the employee also has the opportunity to do classes as a teacher in business schools, attend events, etc. Earning a name for you to be invited, for example, to give lectures, workshops … can only be achieved by working on the personal brand of each of the commercial team members. In addition, in the business sphere, the company also benefits, since it is made more visible thanks to its employees.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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5. How to better work your emails or communications with your prospectsThe email is the cornerstone to automate content and go bringing you closer to your prospects. Therefore, it is important that you stop for a moment and try to improve these shipments. In order for you to make them more effective, I recommend you implement these tips:Email topics . Let’s start at the beginning, since the subject of the email is the first thing users see. The idea is to be original and attract attention to achieve the much appreciated opening. Betting Email List & Convert has conducted a study that reveals that 35% of email recipients open emails based only on the subject line. If they are cold emails, where, for example, we are doing one more prospecting task, we can find different types of subjects:
Subject lines asking questions : In general, questions invoke the urge to seek answers. According to scientific studies, the questions stimulate the brain (the part of the neocortex) and intuitively the human being looks for the answer. For example: “How are you dealing with {Pain Point}?”
Personalized subject lines: taking into account the name of our interlocutor, for example: “Congratulations, {name}! Have you thought about {business value}?”.
Subject lines with a mutual connection : If there is a mutual connection between both parties (you and your prospect), you are no longer a stranger to them. For example: “{Mutual connection} asked me to contact you.”
Short subject lines : More than 55% of working professionals read their emails on their mobile devices. And an average mobile screen can only fit 4-7 words at most. Having a short subject line helps keep email within the limited space of a mobile screen. For example: “Are you ready?”
Subject lines that create urgency: Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and uniqueness can achieve a 22% higher open rate, according to a report from Invesp. For example: “Only two weeks until {regulation law}”.
Subject lines with value proposal: writing email subject lines with the benefits that the product / service has can get the attention of prospects. These subject lines are most effective when done at the right time. For example: “Key challenges in implementing {solution}”.
Humor / Creative Topic Lines : Humor is subjective, especially in this day and age. So, make sure you know your audience and choose your jokes carefully. For example: “What is your point of view on Crocs?”
These ideas are very useful when you send the email to start a business relationship. If, on the contrary, they are emails where the same commercial opportunity writes you directly, or has filled out a form on the web because it asks for direct contact, we will not have to work the issues so well, since it is taken for granted that it will open us that email for the interest shown previously.

So that…

Take good care of your copy, adapting yourself to your audience. Keep in mind that speaking to a marketing director is not the same as speaking to a CEO, so the tone and language should always be adapted to best suit the recipient.
In general terms, we will always have to appear natural in our way of writing. In addition to this, it is important to introduce yourself to know who or what company sends the email: explain who we are, why we are writing to them and also introduce the company. With this we will break the initial barrier of ignorance and you will get a closer relationship with the reader.
Adding, for example, some statistics, will help the prospect to see what results we can achieve. As a recommendation, it is good to use an open closure such as, for example, “I am waiting for you to confirm what time is best for you”, assuming an interest in the proposal of that call or meeting that we are going to offer you.
Provide value in the email so that at least you have an answer.
As I mentioned in the previous section, it is important to add value to the email. Either by attaching a company document or adding a video or an article, or statistics from recognized companies. For example: “According to Neha Mandhani, a LinkedIn marketing professional, personalized messages are 15% more effective than generic ones. And, with the overload of emails and messages we receive per day, we must give the user a extra encouragement to achieve the purpose of the email “.

Ask questions to ask for information or a trend.
To awaken the interest of our user, perhaps we can ask him for some information or trend, since our recipient will surely have a position of authority in the company and we can appeal to his ego by mentioning something about his profile or work skills. Example: “What do you think about trend X? Could you explain to me how you currently approach X?”

With these 4 tips you can better work on your email marketing strategy and get better results with it. Put them into practice!

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6. Align our communications with the 6 principles of influence
Finally, you can try to align your communications with what is known as the 6 principles of influence:

Reciprocity → If I give you something of value, I hope that, at least, you will reply to the message. For something of value you can understand a video or give some advice, etc.
Scarcity → Relate to the fact that there are, for example, few positions or opportunities to be in the first Google results. This makes your proposal gain value.
Authority → Take great care of your online profile to give an impression of authority within the sector.
Commitment and coherence → Give statistics and data, for example, from sector studies or trends of companies that are benchmarks.
Social proof → Show examples, success stories, companies in the sector that are already doing that or doing it better. This will help us to position ourselves as experts and that we already work with many leading clients in the sector.
Sympathy → Being kind and keeping in mind that we have to like, even if our ultimate goal is to sell, it will help us to achieve a better relationship with the potential client. Of course, if you see that they are not going to buy from you, the ideal is not to waste time and prioritize those prospects who are better qualified for the sale.
With all these actions in which human psychology and the need for automation prevail, we will be one step closer to achieving greater conversion.

I recommend that you start putting it into practice, as I am sure that, at the very least, you will be able to close more calls and meetings. Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comment section!

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