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Commercial actions: 30 examples to sell more


Commercial actions: 30 examples to sell more

In the most competitive sectors, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition to sell more, and one way to achieve this is to be much more active with your marketing strategy.list_altIndex of contents
The importance of having a marketing strategy
30 examples of commercial actions to sell more with images
Don’t forget to monitor the results
No one is surprised if we say that good marketing can help a company achieve its objectives, but of course, not all kinds of actions will be valid. Therefore, if you manage to allocate the marketing budget to commercial actions that are really effective and that give results, you will be able to grow your business .But what commercial actions are the most effective? For each type of business (whether it is B2B or B2C) and for each sector, some actions may work better than others. The key is to be in constant research and innovation so that your Morocco Phone Number List department is not left behind. To achieve this you have to try new strategies, so in this article I give you 30 examples of commercial actions that work to sell more . Do you dare to change your sales strategy?Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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The importance of having a marketing strategy
Everyone knows that having a marketing strategy is essential . But it is not only worth thinking about it since it must be reflected in a document that includes:


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Objectives of the department
Commercial actions to be carried out to achieve the objectives
Budget for each of the actions
Details of the execution of each of the actions
And results , to measure those actions that work best and discard those that are not providing the expected results.We must be aware that this document must always be alive, so the strategy must be reviewed on a recurring basis to be able to adapt it to the constant changes in which we live. For example, a clear example is whether to adapt communication in crisis situations such as COVID-19.Finally, when shaping the strategy, do not forget to focus the commercial actions on your buyer persona , that is, on your ideal client, taking into account their habits and behaviors.In the next section we give you 30 ideas that you can apply to your marketing strategy, to achieve the sales objectives that you set for yourself.Free download Template to create your strategic marketing plan
30 examples of commercial actions to sell more with images
Once we have seen what a marketing strategy should contain and what to think about when creating it, we are going to see actions that you can put into practice to feed this strategy .All these actions are designed so that you can innovate in your marketing strategies and turn your communication around with the aim of selling more. We start with the simplest actions and continue with those that may require a greater investment (both in time and money) or are more complex. Hope they help you increase sales!1. Use other customer reviews to convey trust and credibility
The testimonials of other clients are one of the most important sources of credibility for a company and they are increasingly taken into account, especially on the Internet. An example can be the search for a veterinary clinic, in which before going you read how they have treated other pets.And is that before going to any new place we look for what others say about them, so why not use the testimonies in our favor and include them in our strategy?Look for the most favorable testimonials and reviews and include them on your website and in publications (both organic and paid on your social networks). Surely this way you transmit much more confidence towards new potential clients.commercial actions testimonials. Share your product or service in interest groups
One way to quickly reach your potential customers is to share your sales offers with interest groups. Imagine that you sell Mexican products in Spain, maybe you are interested in sharing it in groups like that.commercial actions groupsGroups have a high segmentation power and usually have a broad participation of their members, so they are an ideal platform to share your products, services or information.3. Put your product for sale on Amazon
Amazon has become one of the platforms with more products and ease of purchase for the consumer, among other things, due to the possibility of fast and even free shipping through Amazon Prime, so it is an ideal strategy if you want to get one. higher sales ratio. An extra tip, if you use these tips to position your products on Amazon you can increase sales.amazon commercial actions4. Use psychological pricing
One of the ways to sell more without changing anything about the product is to review the price. Playing with psychological prices and adapting the price to the Betting Email List and type of product you can increase sales. And it is that it is shown that small changes in relation to the price help to influence the way people act. In this article you can learn more about psychological pricing.5. Associate your product or service with good emotions
Many times in the buying process emotions influence. Therefore, if we manage to associate the purchase process with positive experiences, we can get the person to buy again. Small details like giving a candy to a pharmacy can make us buy there again.Large retail companies work on it by ensuring that the experience in the store is as pleasant as possible. That is why they invest large amounts in olfactory design and marketing, among others.A good example of this type of action is Starbucks, which works to make the experience of buying coffee as pleasant as possible.starbucks trading stocks6. Use your customers as brand ambassadors
One of the cheapest actions in marketing is to make your clients “work” and turn them into ambassadors. It may seem somewhat daring, but if you stop to think about what we are going to tell you next, you will see what a recommendation strategy is like with some additions. If you can get them to bring you a client and give them, for example, a discount, it will surely be cheaper than getting a new client yourself!commercial actions invite friends7. Take advantage of special calendar datesAll seasons have their traditions, and if we know how to take advantage of them we can also increase sales. From adapting the product or service to the time of year to adapting communications, any action is good to attract the attention of customers. To do this, we recommend that you annually collect the most important dates for your company in a calendar so that you have room to work them well: design creatives, schedule an offer, make special announcements …

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