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Color Data: Facebook Argentina


Color Data: Facebook Argentina

Last Updated February 11th, 2016 at 06:19 pm

Following the official opening of Facebook’s offices in Argentina, some hard data has been released about the social media tool in Argentina.The social network released several details about the behavior of local users and the performance of the social network in the country.

Here are some facts:

Pakistan Phone Number List of Argentine users: 24,800,800 ( 52% are women)
Number of active profiles on the social network : 15 million users
Number of users accessing from mobile devices : More than 10 million
Average Monthly Interactions:

2,400 million “likes”
1.1 billion comments
615 million messages
450 thousand check-ins per month on Facebook
360 million photos uploaded
265 million posts
168 million status updates

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13-17 years: 18%
18-24 years: 28%
25-34 years: 26%
35-44 years: 14%
45-54 years: 44.8%
55 and over: 5%
Furthermore, the study showed that 59% of the likes and 32% of the comments are made on the Newsfeed. If you talk about mobile users in particular, the percentages amount to 50% and 32%, respectively.

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