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CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): what it is, functions and evolution of its role in recent times


CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): what it is, functions and evolution of its role in recent times

We have spoken many times about the figure of the CMO and its importance in the growth and strategy of a business , but if you are looking for information about what a CMO is, you will find very different profiles and functions: from marketing budget management to loyalty of Argentina Phone Number List or the development of the brand.It is a role that can really change a lot depending on the size of the company, its situation or context, and business objectives. In this article we will explain what a CMO is, what its functions are, and what changes we anticipate this role will have in the future. Shall we start?videocamVideo version of this post
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What is a CMO?The responsibilities of the CMO
How is the figure of the CMO in reality?
How has the health and economic crisis affected the role of the CMO?What should the role of CMO be like today?
ConclusionsWhat is a CMO?
The acronym CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer : the executive of the C-suite responsible for the growth of the business through the design and implementation of a marketing plan.

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In theory, CMOs are responsible for marketing strategy, but also for other elements such as branding, pricing, or product development. All these functions achieve business growth through two effects:Increase brand recognition
Get a competitive advantage and generate demand for products or services.Some companies call that position by other names , such as chief marketing officer, but the CMO has a larger role because he collaborates with other executives in the C-suite.Comparison CMO vs Marketing Directorhow who is chief marketing officerTranslated from: MarketoThe CMO normally reports to the CEO , although he may sometimes report to the chief operating officer (COO). Naturally, each company is different and the departmental organization and the functions of the CMO can be different or be distributed among several profiles.The responsibilities of the CMO
As we have said, the Betting Email List leads the growth of the company by generating demand for its products or services, ad also increasing brand recognition.How does it translate into specific responsibilities or functions of the CMO ?Develop a marketing strategy to increase demand generation and brand recognition.Research the market to understand the company’s position in it, relying on data analytics.
Lead the teams that are responsible for creating value solutions (products or services) for customers.
Carry out marketing communications : advertising, promotions or public relations. In case RR. PP. be another department, work together to achieve a unified message.
Manage distribution channels.
Design the pricing strategy.
Therefore, the CMO’s role is both strategic and executive . His day-to-day work includes analytical tasks (prices and market research), creative tasks (advertising and product promotion) and management tasks (teams and coordination with other departments).

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It is inevitable that the CMO works hand in hand with other departments, such as sales, customer service, product, IT or communication , to ensure that the marketing strategy is aligned with the business objectives, ensuring its growth.

In addition, as we have already seen, the CMO has a strategic role in the business. You must have a strategic mindset focused on improving business results. Therefore, a good CMO will give much higher priority to metrics such as company margin or sales , and not so much to other “vain” metrics such as the reach of your communications, website traffic or network followers. social.

This is why it is critical that the CMO also work hand in hand with the CFO and the finance department.

As you can see, although there are differences between companies, the figure of the CMO and its objectives are very well defined, but then we will see that reality does not end up coinciding with what the theory tells us .

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