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Clickless searches: the new trend in Google


Clickless searches: the new trend in Google

The world’s most popular and widely used search engine, Google, is constantly evolving. Day after day there are changes and improvements that make it easier for us to use them. One of the latest trends applied in Google is clickless search.But what is clickless searches and why is learning about this new concept so important? I’ll tell you about it below, keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
What is clickless search?
Rich Snippets, a subset of clickless searches
Open searches vs closed searches
What is clickless search?
The searches without click or zero click (used both in desktop and mobile united kingdom phone and in voice searches) are those in which the answer is shown directly in the upper area of ​​the search results in Google , so the answer to this Search is achieved ithout having to access any link in the list that is presented.SEO Optimization Checklists Pack
They are generally specific searches that can be classified into different categories. Some examples could be:


What is the weather like in Madrid?
What does ‘scruffy’ mean?
How to make poached eggs?
What is the last number of Pi?
This type of search is widely used on mobile and voice devices , since, in general, users expect short and specific answers to specific questions .Statistics support the importance of clickless searches. In just under three years, they have grown by 11% in laptops, smartphones and tablets, while in fixed devices, such as desktops, they have done so by 9.5%.Essentially, the relationship between this ype of search and the rise of voice searches is due to the inclusion of smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home , etc., since it is Betting Email List that in the United States In 2020, approximately 50% of searches will be by voice!Rich Snippets, a subset of clickless searches
Rich Snippets could be considered a subset within the category of clickless searches . While clickless searches are presented as a very visual standalone response element, Rich snippets are normal Google search results to which some additional data is added , in addition to the title, meta description and URL, such as reviews, ratings. and other information of interest.This extra data is generally obtained from the structured data found in the HTML of a page. In the case of a recipe, for example, in a Rich Snippet it would include an image, evaluation, time of completion, etc.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Standing out among all the responses to a Google search is essential for the growth of any type of company through its website, so having well-structured quality content and enabling plugins that help you optimize your content will multiply your odds of getting a rich snippet.Since 2013, the algorithm used by Google takes these pieces of code into account, so incorporating them into your website will always be more beneficial for business results.Among the most common types of rich snipets or Rich Snippets we can highlight:

Comments . They have a rating of 0 to 5 stars that are scored from reviews added by users.
Recipes . For this type of category, a special structured data model is used that applies only to recipes, and includes additional information such as images, preparation time, reviews, etc.
Product brand . Provides information to search engines about a specific product, including prices, reviews, etc.
Music . It offers the information related to the music sector, such as album release dates, genre, producers, duration, etc.
Organizations . The Rich Snippets linked to organizations allow us to quickly and easily view the essential information of an organization or company (Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.), including logo, contact address, description, products offered …
Videos . Information on the content of featured videos, on which platform they are posted, etc.
Events . Provide the information about the event, such as dates, times, prices, genres, location, etc.
In addition to these, there are other types of Rich Snippets that can be adapted to your business format and website.

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Open searches vs closed searches
In addition, in the category of clickless searches we can find two types of informational responses:

Closed searches , which, in essence, provide a unique answer. For example, when asking a very specific piece of information, such as “What time is it in Spain?” The answer is displayed clearly, unequivocally and prominently, because there are no more valid answer options than the one presented by the search engine.
Open searches , which are those that can have many different correct answers, and Google chooses the one it considers the most correct, presenting it as a featured fragment that contains more information, as a hybrid of organic results and response box. A clear example of this type of open search would be “recipe for Catalan cream”. There are many valid answers to this question and the search engine chooses the one that seems most appropriate.
As you intuit, carrying out an inbound marketing strategy will help us to position ourselves in the first place of Google with the use of keywords with a good volume of searches but little competition. In addition, it has the potential to deliver Rich Snippets, which will allow us to be among the first result of this type of search. This is relevant not only at the web and mobile level but also at the level of voice searches. Give it a try, because it is the future and it is very close!

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