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Steps to Choosing Your Blog Niche


Steps to Choosing Your Blog Niche

Guide to choosing your blog niche 1. Audience earning potential. When you start a new blog. The most common question is: ” what should my niche be?” the key is to find an area you understand and address a pain point for your audience. However. It is not enough to solve a problem. It is also necessary to solve a problem for which the public is ready to spend money. As a blogger. You need to deeply understand your audience’s challenges so you can give them exactly what they need. And the best place to start is to look at yourself. Ask yourself: ” which audience am i a part of?” you are much better able to understand the difficulties of a specific audience if you have encountered them yourself. Who is your audience? Take my blog. For example. When i started this blog. I was a 33-year-old frenchman working in the technology sector. I was working long hours.

Guide to choosing your blog niche

Sacrificing time with my family Switzerland Phone Number List  and friends. And was stressed and exhausted from this frantic race where i had no more hours available to really live. So i created this blog as a means to an end – a way to earn passive income. Escape “metro-work-sleep” and regain control of my time – and my life. Marketing persona my target audience was people like me: 25-45 years old. Those who have a classic job but want to escape the mad rush. : the rat race. Willing to spend and work hard to succeed. Smart and technically gifted (or not afraid to get into it) people who want to earn passive income through blogging. Understanding your audience is the first step. Read more: what is a marketing persona and how do you define it? How much is she willing to pay? The second (equally important) step is to understand how much your audience is willing to spend to solve their problems. This is the earning potential of your audience.

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Who is your audience

It bears repeating: you need to understand your audience and know how much they’re willing to spend on your solution. For example. Let’s say you’re planning to start a blog about human resources and job advice for young people. Your blog posts can attract different types of readers. Including job seekers. Working professionals. And students. To monetize a blog in this niche. Let’s say you create a sales funnel: you write new content to attract an audience on the web. Then. You create a lead magnet “the checklist for preparing for a job interview” to generate email signups. Third. You place affiliate links to certain products that you want to promote. Finally. You offer a $300 product called “the online job interview preparation course”. There is nothing wrong with this approach. This is a common approach for most new bloggers. If you spend a few years creating content and building your email list. I estimate you could start earning passive income in 2-3 years. However.

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