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Chatbot in Spanish: how to create one for free with HubSpot


Chatbot in Spanish: how to create one for free with HubSpot

According to Gartner , in 2018 there was 160% more interest in chatbots by companies compared to other years. While, by 2021, 50% of organizations are already expected to invest more in these chatbots instead of in mobile applications. In this way, chatbots are rapidly ushering in a post-app digital age. Therefore, knowing how to develop and implement a chatbot in Spanish is a fundamental task for businesses with a digital presence that want to remain competitive in the Hispanic market. The advantages of adopting this technology are very varied. In fact, a while ago I published an article on how to attract name and phone number list by installing a chatbot on your website . That is why these tools, today, are no longer an option but a necessity. For this reason, in this article I want to focus on explaining, step by step, how to create a chatbot for free , using the HubSpot platform . My goal is to help you understand the construction logic of something that we hear so much about, and for which we do not need more technical knowledge. HubSpot chatflows to create a chatbot in Spanish
In the market there are many tools to create a chatbot in Spanish and in other languages. Some of the best rated are Intercom , Drift, and IBM Watson Assistant . Best chatbots in Spanish Source: G2 Grid Scoring .


In summary, we can say that Intercom is a tool more focused on customer service; Drift , on the other hand, is more focused on marketing and sales, and has greater artificial intelligence capabilities than Intercom, while Watson Assistant is based on IBM’s AI , Watson, one of the most powerful artificial intelligence systems in the world. . On the other hand, there is Google’s Dialogflow , whose machine learning algorithms allow to create much more natural conversations. At InboundCycle we also have experience with some more niche tools, such as Chatfuel, which is specially designed for the creation and implementation of chatbots only within Betting Email List Messenger . However, despite all these options, for the next article I will focus on Chatflows, which is the tool within HubSpot for creating a chatbot in Spanish , and which belongs to the Conversations area of the CRM. Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Why choose HubSpot to create a chatbot in Spanish?
From InboundCycle we prefer to use HubSpot to implement a chatbot in Spanish, mainly, for the following reasons: It is a platform very aligned with the inbound marketing methodology, our field of expertise in InboundCycle .
Chatflows is available in Spanish, something not very common in chatbot tools, so all the steps and help texts are in our language.
The bot creation and deployment process is very intuitive and requires no technical knowledge.
HubSpot’s chatbots are lightweight, so they don’t affect the loading time of your website. In addition, these bots do not require users to login with their Facebook Messenger profiles, something that many other platforms do.
The bot integrates 100% and naturally with the HubSpot CRM, so the system can use the CRM data to fully personalize conversations.
At an operational level, Chatflows allows you to create customer support tickets, schedule meetings with vendors or provide answers to technical questions, among others. In addition, the branches in the conversations are generated based on the responses of the users.
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The chatbots by Chatflows HubSpot offer a simple and intuitive and alternative highly customizable , with a free option that allows visitors ask us questions and receive answers very naturally, as if talking to someone else.

Spanish chatbot HubSpot In this way, when a user wants to communicate with your company via chat, the system can pass it on directly to an available person from your team as the case may be (customer service, technical support, sales, purchases, administration, etc.). And if the user wants to communicate outside of business hours, then your HubSpot chatbot will respond to most of their requests automatically, thus promoting the 24/7 satisfaction of all your online visitors. Chatbot price in HubSpot
HubSpot is a very powerful, complete and comprehensive platform, with multiple solutions and functionalities. Therefore, it also has a fairly varied price structure, which you can find out in detail in our article HubSpot pricing: updated price guide for 2020 . As for Chatflows, it is a tool included in all versions of HubSpot, including its free tier. Therefore, it is possible to create a chatbot in Spanish completely free of charge . However, it is important to consider the ollowing aspects: Chatflows, in the most basic versions, has certain limitations. For example, it does not include the ability to automate branching in the dialog based on user responses. So, one option we have is to configure the fact of asking the user a question and then asking for their contact information to follow the conversation at another time. Chatflows in the Pro and Enterprise versions already has all the features available. This allows us to configure more complex and natural conversations, so that the chatbot can ask the user questions and manage the conversation with ramifications in real time based on the responses it receives.
What are the functions of the HubSpot chatbot?
A chatbot in Spanish created in HubSpot can be used from three perspectives , each with different functions: Marketing: capture of user data, assignment of leads to lists and workflows or conversion actions, among others.
Sales: qualification of sales opportunities, redirection to a salesperson (live chat), meeting scheduling, etc.
Service: ticket creation, question interpretation and answer assignment based on a knowledge base, and more.
The focus of our chatbot depends on the page of our website where we implement it, since the idea is that the bot helps us achieve the objectives of that page in question.

For example:

On prices, products or services pages , the chatbot must have a sales approach to answer questions about what we sell, what it consists of, its price, how it is sent, payment methods, etc.
what is a spanish chatbotOn FAQ, help or support pages , the focus should be on service to support customer care. The objective will be to help the user to solve problems, to guide him on the correct use of a product, etc.
On marketing pages like landing pages or blog , the focus should clearly be on marketing . This can help us, for example, to capture leads. To illustrate a bit, in some sections of our website we have a chatbot active that helps our followers download the inbound marketing results report .
chatbot in spanish in marketingIn our article Chatbots and marketing: the perfect strategy we explain much more about how to use a chatbot in your marketing strategy. Do not miss it!How to create a chatbot in Spanish using HubSpot step by step?
We have already seen that we can create a chatbot with different objectives and functions using HubSpot. Thus, depending on the approach we choose, the configuration process will vary in certain points and details.In this sense, in order to explain step by step how to create a Chatflow , I am going to take as a reference a sales approach whose objective will be to schedule a business meeting with the user.On the other hand, the following explanation is valid for the Pro and Enterprise versions , as it is where all the Chatflows functions are available. If in your case you have a Starter or free version , the process will be different from the one explained below.Let’s go to practice then!First of all, you need to make sure you have a meeting link set up. If you don’t have it, then your first step will be to set up the meeting tool in HubSpot and then create a meeting link .Then, you must follow the following steps to create a chatbot in Spanish:Change the language of your HubSpot accont to Spanish : go to “Profile and preferences” and, on the first screen, select the language.
Access the chatbots tool : in the “Conversations” menu, select the “Chatflows” option. Here you can see the chatbots you have created or create a new one using the “Create chatflow” button.
Integrate the Chatflow to your website : select “Add the Chatflow to the website”, since for now we are going to focus on a chatflow for a website. Then we will see the process to integrate it to Facebook Messenger.Select the type of bot to use . At this point, we are faced with several options:
Welcome visitors : live chat window (without associated bot) that allows you to put users in contact with a person on your team.
Bot to qualify sales opportunities : the system can determine if a user is qualified or not (that is, if it is an MQL). This by asking a series of questions that the tool will cross with your lead scoring system.Meeting scheduling bot : use HubSpot’s Meetings tool to easily and automate scheduling meetings between your team and the user.Technical assistance bot : allows you to create support tickets or answer questions from your customers through knowledge base articles.types of chatbot in Spanish
To continue with the process that we set out, you must choose the “Bot” option to schedule meetings .and. Link the Meetings link : choose the eetings link to which you want to redirect your users to schedule a meeting with your sales team.!! Congratulations!! You have already created a chatbot on HubSpot. From now on, all you have to do is customize and configure the messages and options for your new Chatflow. To do this, you need to know a number of basics about HubSpot’s chatbots.Next, I explain each of the steps mentioned above with a video tutorial so that you have a more visual reference of how a chatbot is created in HubSpot. And I also show you some key aspects that you should take into account and that I have not mentioned

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