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Chatbot for WhatsApp: how to create it to improve your Customer Service


Chatbot for WhatsApp: how to create it to improve your Customer Service

Did you know that in 2019 1,500 million users were registered on WhatsApp? And did you know that 73% of people open every message they receive? Perhaps you do not know the fact that more than 75% of users would prefer to solve their queries on WhatsApp ?list_altIndex of contents
What is a chatbot?
How to create a chatbot on WhatsApp?
How will your chatbot speak for WhatsApp?
Success stories
What are the costs of having a chatbot for WhatsApp?
Given this data, don’t you think it is a good platform to exploit its potential with a digital free belgium phone number strategy? In this article I will tell you how: through a chatbot for WhatsApp .chatbot for whatsapp 1Global number of active monthly WhatsApp users. Source: Statista



What is a chatbot?
You may have heard of chatbots: these are computer programs that, using artificial intelligence, pretend to be people with whom you can have a conversation . Sound like science fiction? Nothing is further from reality!Between 2016 and 2017, the use of chatbots or conversational assistants by voice or text tripled . In fact, its use in 2020 is expected to grow by 1,000% . And the trend is clear: messages between Betting Email List and users have doubled , and are already more than 2,000 million per month . Chatbots are here to stay.What are the advantages of a chatbot?
Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: would you really like to have a quality service, personalized and, at the same time, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year ? Well, you can get this through chatbots.This main benefit translates into some important advantages also for companies: lower labor, lower costs . In turn, as chatbots learn without the need for training, processes are streamlined and become more efficient.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Not forgetting the capacity of these bots: an unlimited number of clients can be managed simultaneously , thus improving the brand image and, therefore, all this translates into better customer service. Makes sense right?Furthermore, all these advantages have some clear consequences:

They improve your sales: up to 80% of consumers usually ask for assistance to complete a purchase, so a chatbot on WhatsApp can be an excellent help to improve the sales ratio.
Saving resources: it is estimated that, on average, a well-implemented customer service project using WhatsApp and chatbot reduces human service costs by 40%.
How to create a chatbot on WhatsApp?
1. Do you meet the requirements to use WhatsApp Business?
WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool to boost business sales and improve customer service . One of its features is to create chatbots. Of course, it should be mentioned that not all companies can use this service: at the moment it is intended for well-established medium and large companies.WhatsApp Business tries to get away from:Government or political organizations
Independent software vendors
Real money industries, such as betting and gambling
Adult content and entertainment
Health-related industries
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On the other hand, the industries in which it is favorable to use WhatsApp are:

Real estate
Financial services
If you get the green brand badge next to your WhatsApp Business account it means that you have become an officially verified company by WhatsApp. This brings benefits in terms of UX (user experience) and inspires confidence. However, not everyone is suitable. Normally you must meet the following conditions:Be an internationally recognized brand
Send more than 500 messages a day
2. Download the WhatsApp Business API
Once you have verified that you can get WhatsApp Business, you must get WhatsApp API approval to get access to the official WhatsApp Business API service.You must download the beta app called WhatsApp Business API and provide the information about your business:Name of the company
Website url
Region in which you plan to offer the WhatsApp service
Country of company headquarters
Desired use case
Usage volume prediction (messages / day)
Promotion period (when do you plan to launch the service)
The acceptance process can take up to 2-3 weeks.3. Use a chatbot platform
If you want to install the chabot for WhatsApp and you do it directly, it is more difficult for them to accept you. One option that most companies choose is to use a chatbot platform . Through these types of platforms you will not only increase your chances, but you will also make the process faster .In addition to the chatbot platform, you will need a host in a database :If you are a programmer or understand this, you can create the bot from scratch, but the usual thing is to hire a chatbot platform to do it for you , since it considerably simplifies the whole process.

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