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Changes in the visual and corporate identity of McDonald’s


Changes in the visual and corporate identity of McDonald’s

The visual and corporate identity of McDonalds has been adapting to the aesthetics of each era without losing its initial essence . In recent times the brand has given greater prominence to its yellow gold color and has opted for a purely minimalist style in tune with the blanding trend . Visual and corporate identity of McDonalds In a previous article we reviewed the evolution of the McDonalds logo from its beginnings to the present day. But McDonalds has not only been changing its visual identity through the logo but also through other elements such as packaging or the space of its restaurants . These have been renew over time to move towards a more minimalist philosophy that the company has adopt as we saw with the logo.

Change of scenery in the visual identity of McDonald’s

We all know that red and yellow are the representative colors of the brand . Although they are not the only ones that he has used in his long career they are the ones that have always been present adapting to the aesthetics of each era. In recent times the golden image manipulation service yellow color has acquired special prominence since it is associated with joy and happiness as opposed to red which is a stronger and more aggressive color. Thus the trend towards yellow has prevailed in all its visual elements and in the space of its restaurants becoming its iconic color. The determining choice of color together with a minimalist style has become the hallmark of McDonalds visual and corporate identity.

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The desired result is to convey a more relaxed happy and human air while acquiring a modern and elegant look. The company thus seeks to achieve greater closeness and connection with customers and attract new audiences . McDonalds like many other international brands follows the blanching trend which consists of simplifying the brand image . In this way simplicity and minimalism are given way moving away from ornaments convoluted shapes and Betting Email List compositions of colors or complex typographies. McDonalds visual identity Change of scenery in the visual identity of McDonalds The bestknown fast food chain in the world has been making small changes to its visual and corporate identity over the years to adapt to the times and remain a modern brand.

The goal logically is not to lose its position among current consumers and adjust to new markets . Lets look at some of the most significant changes to McDonalds visual identity. Packaging Change of the visual identity of McDonalds through the redesign of the packaging. Now very simple illustrations of the most important ingredients or those that best define the product in question are appreciate as well as in other cases other visual elements that allude to the product are play with . In other words the bags boxes and glasses show what customers will find when they open them.

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