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Can the hotel industry survive the new times?


Can the hotel industry survive the new times?

The sector needs a change. Modernize to survive.
It is one of the oldest industries in the world, tracing its origins back to the first civilizations. In addition, it is one of the companies that generates the most employment in the world, as it includes not only hotels and restaurants, but also other related companies such as cruise ships, spas or casinos.

And yet, with the emergence of new technologies and accommodation options, the hotel General Manager Email Lists is under threat.

What can you do to keep up with the times, innovate and not become obsolete?
First of all, it is very important that hoteliers are always aware of new technologies, trends of market and consumers, making the necessary changes to accommodate them.

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A good example is the Radisson chain , which has implemented a fast and innovative check-in system in four of its hotels . In these establishments, the customer can check-in virtually and 24 hours in advance. Once the process is complete, you are sent a barcode that you have to scan upon arrival at the hotel to quickly receive your room key. And although this is just a test for now, it is likely that this and other hotels will end up implementing a similar system.

Another point to consider is the importance of the mobile , as it is the main device through which users access the Internet. According to the latest Betting Email List report for SiteMinder, hotel reservations made via mobile device are projected to reach 35% by 2018 . In this sense, it is crucial that hotel web pages are ” mobile friendly ” and allow an easy, comfortable and fast reservation process.

Third, while it is crucial that hoteliers know their consumers and their trends , it is also imperative that they keep an eye on their competition . Rivals have expanded, and it’s not like before, when only hotels competed with each other. Today there are some modern and innovative companies on the market, such as Airbnb, Wimdu or BedyCasa , that offer new alternatives to travelers.

In short, big changes await the hotel industry . For now it seems that it has been left behind, running the risk of losing customers and becoming boring and obsolete.

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