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Bumper Ads: 6 seconds that will make your video marketing take off


Bumper Ads: 6 seconds that will make your video marketing take off

Have you heard of Bumper Ads? The name may not sound familiar to you, but we assure you that you have seen them.Bumper Ads are those mini ads that you see on YouTube or on different pages that you cannot skip. This mini ad, these 6 seconds, can get your video marketing strategy off the ground .Do you want to know how? In this post I tell you more.What are Bumper Ads?
As I was saying, Bumper Ads are 6-second long advertising videos that users cannot skip . Play before, during or after the videos that the user wants to watch on YouTube , sites web or partner applications on the Display usa any phone number .These videos can help you reach more potential customers and are a great help to boost your brand . Let’s see how you can create them and what other advantages they have.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Advantages of using Bumper Ads
The scope is immense
YouTube has more than 1.5 billion users and is the second most popular social network, along with Facebook, imagine the enormous potential it has!They take advantage of the advanced technology of Google AdWordsYou can show personalized ads to specific targets , since it allows you to segment by interests, geographical areas, age, gender, marital status or economic income.Boost your brand awarenessBecause they can reach such a wide audience that you would probably only reach with a large advertising budget.


They are good for remarketing
Since the YouTube channel is connected to our Adwords account. According to Google : “Remarketing targeting users who had seen TrueView ads and ad bumpers produced a significant increase in ad recall compared to those who were exposed to only TrueView ads, yielding an average 42% increase in skippable views and a 104% in paid views. “Brief and concise information
They allow Betting Email List and content to be condensed thanks to their short duration.They are cheap
They use CPM bidding, that is, we will pay every time the ad is shown a thousand times.They are not annoying
They do not bother the user, as they only last 6 seconds: the interruption is minimal.They are not avoidableBumper Ads cannot be skipped, so you make sure that the message reaches users.You can add a complementary banner
You can include a complementary 300 × 60 banner to promote your products or services.They have good performance
Bumper Ads have a high performance on mobiles.Guide: Inbound marketing and online advertising
How to create Bumper Ads?
Now that you know more about Bumper Ads and everything they can do to improve your campaign, I leave you a video tutorial in which I explain the necessary steps to follow to create them from your Google Ads account:If you still have any questions, you can find more details on how to create them on the Google Ads help page . You will see that it is easier than you are probably thinking!

Bumper Ads: good practices to create your campaign
According to Think With Google , there are certain actions you can take to optimize your Bumper Ads:Focus on a single purpose: with ads that are only 6 seconds long, the strategy should be to communicate one thing very well . You can focus on promoting a product or service, communicating a very good feature of your product or service, communicating your brand… Be really creative!
Present the product in a short and concise way: according to Google analysis, the most remembered Bumper Ads are those that include a blueprint of the product during the 6-second duration.
Be creative and original: a clear, attractive and surprising message, music that captures the user’s attention, colors that catch …
Build series of ads around the same topic as if it were different pieces of a puzzle. For example: count in 3 parts what you would say in a 20 second ad.
Success stories
L’Oreal Paris1. Objective
The goal of the Bumper Ads campaign was to increase reach, improve brand awareness and drive increased sales.2. AnnouncementThe ad consisted of promoting the launch of its “Stylista” range through the collaboration of 5 famous influencers . At the beginning, the campaign was going to be promoted through the influencers’ social networks, but they decided to take advantage of the graphic material they had produced by creating a Bumper Ads campaign.3. Development
L’Oréal created a Bumper Ads campaign using the “video” campaign type with Google audiences, so it could gain important information about its potential customer.They included a conversion pixel to analyze website visits and used the Brand Lift Survey to analyze the results. In this way they were able to know the impact of their campaign in real time.4. Results
The bumpers got more than 4 million impressions with a 96% viewability rate.They got 19,000 visits to the website after the publication of the bumpers, which confirms the engagement with the brand.They achieved an increase in interest for the brand of more than 200% and an increase in searches of the influencers participating in the campaign. How about?Other success stories
Audi Q5: ad seriesThe long ad (TrueView) focuses on bringing concepts that begin with the letter Q closer to the qualities of the vehicle. Bumper Ads, in turn, focus on each of these qualities, becoming pieces of a puzzle of the main story.MilkaIn this Bumper Ad, the Milka brand focuses on promoting its product by displaying three of its tablets in a very visual way with a single message “Milka, piece of flavor.” Clear, direct and concise message, ideal fo the user to remember.Surely now you can see the enormous potential that these 6-second videos have. Can you tell me in the comments section how you would do your Bumper Ad? Wat strategy would you follow? I will love to meet you!New Call-to-action

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