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Bulk shipments: how to improve your deliverability


Bulk shipments: how to improve your deliverability

The mass mailing of emails have become one of the most important strategies to communicate directly with your customers .Currently, more than 260 billion emails are sent daily, however, about 70% end up in the SPAM folder of users.This is an important problem, since it is of little use to design and implement an optimal email marketing residential phone numbers england if most of your messages end up landing in the spam tray of your contacts, without them even opening them, right you think?list_altIndex of contents
What is deliverability and why is it important?
Technical aspects of deliverability
Content aspects
Deliverability: a crucial aspect for the success of your email marketing campaigns
With this article I want to help your potential clients not only get to receive your emails, but also read them. The key to achieving this is to improve one of the most important aspects of email marketing: deliverability . I reveal its mysteries to you!What is deliverability and why is it important?
By deliverability we understand the action of sending an email that reaches the inbox  . That is, the ability for the emails we send to reach the appropriate inboxes of the assigned recipients.Deliverability is a very important aspect for the success of your email marketing campaigns . The explanation is very simple and logical: in order for them to open your mass mailings, your users must have received the email first.In addition, deliverability or delivery rate has the added advantage that it can act as a key indicator of your campaigns , since it is a numerical and objective value, and easily comparable with previous actions.



It is considered that a good deliverability rate should be above 95% , with the ideal being between 98% and 99%.To improve deliverability, there are a number of technical and content issues that we need to consider and that we will discuss below. Keep reading!New Call-to-action
Technical aspects of deliverability
One of the most important technical factors in email marketing is the reputation of your mailings . It is the measurement of the sender’s past behavior , the most influential aspect in achieving a good delivery rate.Thus, reputation is associated with both IP addresses and domains, and is calculated based on several parameters :Shipping history.
Number of spam Betting Email List associated with your domain name.
Amount of bad practices or spam “traps” that activate your emails.
The different authentication protocols ( SPF , DKIM , DMARC …) that you configure.What metrics are taken into account to measure reputation?
Bounces or bounces . They tell us the number of emails that could not be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. There are 2 types:
Soft bounce: it is caused by a temporary problem in a correct and working email address.
Hard bounce: occurs when the email address is invalid, either because it was misspelled or because it no longer exists.
Claims . Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) include a “This is Spam” button in the email inbox to allow users to report spam.
Consistent volume. It is important to send emails at a constant speed and volume, increasing the rate progressively. Otherwise, we run the risk of being viewed by ISPs as massive spam submissions and raising the alarm.
Tools to measure reputation
There are various online tools to measure the reputation of your email. These are the best known and most used:Senderbase : rank your reputation as “good, neutral, or poor.”
ReputationAuthority : Grants an automatic score between 0 and 100.
What do you have to do to have a good reputation?
Next, I recommend a series of actions that can help you achieve a good reputation , which, as I have mentioned, is an essential question so that you can achieve a good open rate for your emails:1. Check that your sender is not on any blacklistThe blacklists are databases in real time, based on predefined criteria, collect IP addresses suspected of being used for massive shipments of email and, therefore, can be considered as spam . The criteria or reasons that can make your IP end up being included in a blacklist are:The existence of spam complaints by users.
That there is a high number of bounces or bounces.
Entering a blacklist affects our reputation very negatively . To find out if we are included in some of these blacklists , we can consult the Spamhaus online tool , which determines it based on the IP and domain.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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2. Maintain a clean databaseThe second recommendation to improve our reputation is related to our database: it should be as transparent as possible , made up of users who have previously given us their permission to be part of it, with updated addresses and that do not come from contact purchases . To do this, you must follow the following good practices :Build your subscriber database using Double Opt-in . With the double opt-in, the user needs to reaffirm their interest (and permission) by clicking on a confirmation link that is displayed on the first submission.
Periodically check the email addresses of your users . You can use tools like kickbox or neverbounce to filter fake or disabled emails that would make your emails bounce and compromise your deliverability.
Never buy databases . In addition to being an illegal practice in Spain, it will harm your deliverability, because, as indicated in this post , this type of database is full of unreliable data, such as non-existent or obsolete email addresses, and favors the rate of rebound, among other disadvantages.3. Make it easy to unsubscribe from emailsThe unsubscribe process should be clearly visible and very simple, if possible, with a single click. Remember that it is better for you to unsubscribe on time than a frustrated user who marks us as spam, creating a bad reputation.4. Boost engagement

The engagement is the interaction and engagement between the user and our shipments email. If it is low, it has a negative impact on deliverability . The key to increasing engagement is offering content of interest to the user, personalized and adapted to each moment or stage of the purchase cycle in which the customer is. I’ll talk about this in more detail later, in the content section. Do not miss it!AuthenticityBesides reputation, a second technical aspect of great importance to achieving a good deliverability rate is authenticity .Authenticity is the metric that guarantees that the sender’s email is true. It is a series of checks and verifications carried out by the server of the recipient who receives the mail on the authenticity of the sender and his reputation. It is an automatic filter that, in case of not exceeding the pre-established parameters, will cause our emails to be blocked and, therefore, they will not be delivered.It is also possible that an unauthenticated email shows, for example, the platform from which the sending is made, which we are not interested in because it creates a bad image and can annoy the recipient.

To avoid all this, it is necessary to authenticate our emails .

How to authenticate your email?
You have to follow these steps:

Set the SPF → go to the website
Configure the DKIM → go to the official site
Configure the DMARK → go to the official site
Check that you have less than 10 DNS lookups in your SPF Record → To avoid this, use this tool to check that your SPF performs less than 10 DNS lookups (DNS lookups).
Optional → You can include your domain in whitelists: in the same way that there are blacklists to identify spam, there are also white lists that have the objective of ensuring that the senders are true. One of the best is the Return Path certification , although it has the problem of being very expensive and demanding. It is only recommended for companies that send more than 1 million shipments per month. Another alternative is to use the DNSWL.org whitelist , which is free.
In the event that you use email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp or HubSpot, each tool will explain in detail what steps to follow to authenticate an email. In this article you can see the process that HubSpot follows.

Content aspects
To improve deliverability, not only technical aspects play a role, but there are a number of content factors that help improve deliverability and are also very important when opening emails. Ultimately, our goal is not only that users receive our mass mailings, but also that they open and read them.

Next, I go on to detail each of these factors. Write down!

The subject is the main subject of an email . This is the description that appears in bold in the line of the email before you open it.

It is very important, since it is the main driver of the open rate (percentage that indicates the number of emails that have been opened or read by users). There is no average open rate, but the most common is that it is between 15% and 35%. You know what’s yours?

What do you have to do to create a good subject?

Write short messages (about 40 characters) and direct.
Don’t use spammy words. In this article you will find a list of words in English, although the most common examples in Spanish are the following:
100% satisfied
Free! / free
Save up to …
Risk free
Use some emojiSubject – Example 3 – Emojis
Place the keywords or keywords as much at the beginning as possible.
Customize the subject (for example, with the name of the recipient).Subject – Example 5 – customize subject
Make sure not to write all capitalized words or too many exclamation points in the subject.Subject – Example 6
Write the numbers with decimals to show that you have the verified data.
Clearly show a benefit, logic, or threat to the reader.Subject – Example 8 –
Reminds the user, if any, the deadline for th

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