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Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs: how to activate them and how they influence SEO


Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs: how to activate them and how they influence SEO

In the world of SEO, some small aspects can help us improve navigation. Such is the example of breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs, a feature that offers better content structuring for both users and the browser itself when checking our site.In this article I will explain what us based mobile number are and how to implement them. Also, there will be a bonus at the end of the article, so keep reading!list_altIndex of contents
What are breadcrumbs?
But … what are bread crumbs for?
Types of breadcrumbs
Advantages of using breadcrumbs
How to use breadcrumbs in WordPress
How to modify the breadcrumb path?
Bonus: change the CSS of your breadcrumbs
What are breadcrumbs?
The breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs allude to the story of Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm, where Hansel and his sister are abandoned in the forest by their stepmother. To avoid this, Hansel left a trail of to return home again, thus avoiding dying in the forest.In short, the breadcrumbs have the same purpose of the classic and iconic story of the Brothers Grimm: g uiarnos back to the place where we come from .This tool allows to show in a simple and practical way the structure of a site based on the current location, until reaching the front page or home.In order not to make the story so long, let’s look at an example of breadcrumbs :Home> Women’s clothing and accessories> Footwear> Pink shoes


The breadcrumbs respond to the need to visualize a structure of the content of the web page based on the needs of each user in order to correctly understand the specific location of the content.In short, this tool works like a GPS inside a robust forest, to guide us and find our way back, reach specific places and correctly understand where we could go from where we are.While this is the simplest type of breadcrumbs, it is not usually the only way it is set up within a site. As for the place to Betting Email List  it, it usually varies a lot depending on the template you are using, although it is usually located right at the beginning of the publication so as not to influence the web usability of the site.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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But … what are bread crumbs for?
Breadcrumbs have two main functions:Offer a better hierarchical level.
Offer direct access to certain places.
Let’s see each of the functions in detail.Offer a better hierarchical levelBreadcrumbs allow the user to understand where what they are looking for is and how they can access a different hierarchical level using one click. Of course, the goal of breadcrumbs is not to replace the menu on the website, but rather to offer better navigability on a site, regardless of the menu.However, in addition to offering a function to quickly locate within the structure of the site, it also allows direct access to some part of the website.[FREE GUIDE] 25 essential elements to include on your website
Offer direct access to certain places
The breadcrumbs are not really important for sites with a simple hierarchical level, but for those sites that have a hierarchical complexity of more than 3 levels, the implementation of the breadcrumbs may be optimal, since the user could be able to access certain areas of our site with a couple of clicks without having to go to a menu with an extensive hierarchy.

Types of breadcrumbs
While there are two specific functions that breadcrumbs have been created for, there are also different types of breadcrumbs that can be used in different ways depending on the website in question. Let’s see, next, the types that exist.Based on hierarchies
These are the most common and the ones that I place greater emphasis on in this article due to their great implementation within the world of the internet. This specific type is intended to show the structure of the page based on your current location until you reach the home page of the web. Let’s see an example:Home> Blog> Digital Marketing> SEO> How to implement breadcrumbsBased on history
These types of breadcrumbs work like a browsing history would by chronologically ordering the pages of a site that we have visited. So we can quickly access the content without having to use the “back” or “forward” function of the browsers. Let’s see an example:Home> Page One> Page Two> Page Three> Current PageThis type of breadcrumb works very well when it comes to pages with a procedure that can seem tedious or complicated for users.New Call-to-action
Advantages of using breadcrumbs
Now that we know the types of breadcrumbs that exist, what are the advantages of using them within your website?Surely you are wondering, because although the functionality offers a solution to a problem, the direct advantages of using this tool for webmasters are not always clear.1. SEO enhancement
Google loves breadcrumbs, and the reason is that it allows you to analyze a website faster, checking its navigability and hierarchical level.Google engines analyze our site and rely on breadcrumbs to understand it more quickly and proceed with the evaluation for its positioning.2. Greater visibility
Search results are influenced by the use of breadcrumbs. It must be remembered that the implementation of structured data not only improves access to our page, but also makes it much more visible.3. Improves the navigability of the site
Within a site with few hierarchical levels, knowing where you are can be easy. But when it comes to a page with too many levels, the issue gets complicated. The unviable alternative would be to use the links in the search bar, but users with little experience do not know how to use them to reach the desired places.The implementation of breadcrumbs makes it easier for users to navigate, mainly to access categories related to the page the user is currently on.4. They do not consume resources or screen space
One of the most important points of breadcrumbs is that they hardly use resources to implement them, nor do they harm the wpo . In addition, most of the templates or themes for web pages have support for the use of this tool.[FREE GUIDE] 25 essential elements to include on your website
How to use breadcrumbs in WordPressThe implementation of the breadcrumbs is quite simple. However, it all depends on the theme that we have installed on our website. Currently, most (if not all) templates have breadcrumb support, but if you have a custom template, you may not have this feature and will need to touch the .PHP code.If you don’t want to mess with the code due to lack of experience or have the money to hire a programmer, it is always possible to install some plugins like Yoast SEO to install the breadcrumbs quickly.Next, let’s see how to install this tool using Yoast SEO:Enter the WordPress Administration, and in the Plugins>Installed Plugins section , click on Add new .
Type in the search bar “Yoast SEO” and install and activate the plugin.
Once installed and activated, from the WordPress Administration go to the SEO section > Appearance in the Search Engine .
Pressing the tab Croutons, and the option Activate bread crumbs pressed Active .
From this section you can also define which separator to choose, the prefix of the path and the text of the link on the home page that you can modify.
Personally, I prefer to use the greater than separator (>) to name the site’s taxonomy. In this way, you give a much better understanding of how the hierarchy of the site is. It is a simpler way than using hyphens (-), slash (/) or any other type of sign.

How to modify the breadcrumb path?
Now that you’ve set up your breadcrumbs, you may be having some sort of hierarchical problem with them. If so, you just have to check that the categories you are using are correct within each blog post.

In addition, within the breadcrumbs section of Yoast SEO you can also check that all the functions are properly configured. Personally, I recommend not modifying anything more than the above so that the breadcrumbs are good.

Bonus: change the CSS of your breadcrumbs
Finishing, now I will leave a series of CSS codes that you can use to change the visual style of your breadcrumbs so that they look much more attractive and end up being a little more striking for users.

Of course, in most cases you do not require a change in your breadcrumbs, but if you want to give a special touch to your site, you can always use one of these codes that I leave you below, which are responsive, simple and the sea ​​of ​​pretty.

The implementation can be done by making changes to the CSS in your website template.

Ellipsis (FLEX) – Jonathan Shippin
A simple but beautiful design that goes well with any room.

Pop-up Bread Crumbs with Navigation – Kevin Konrad Henriquez
It caught my attention because it allows for deployability. It works very well if it is applied in stores with a large hierarchical volume.

Progress Tracker – Shyam Chen
Finally, a breadcrumb that is mainly directed to a specific topic: the web page process. It goes very well if it is applied to a registration system to help the user understand the step by step to follow until completion.

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