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Brands that inspire… 8 secrets


Brands that inspire… 8 secrets

Inspire your audience and fall in love with your brand more than embedding, remarketing and automation… We give you 8 secrets of the brands that inspire you.
What will you do in this container?

1.- Love your audience as you doEjemplo: Case bbmundoSorpréndelos, encántalosEjemplo: Case Cocina al Natural

3.- Be human, be your brand Example: Gary Vee case

4.- Be a storymaker, in a storyteller Example: ICA case

5.- Hazlo about you audience not about you
Ejemplo: Dollar Shave Club

6.- The rites are necessary

7.- Leave space for dynamic content Ejemplo: Case of Luis Maram

8.- Build something bigger that your conclusion is a frequent lector of our content has assisted our Chief VP Operations Email Lists training, surely you have to negotiate your market with a brand where you are limited. from other sites or blogs from marketing, and maybe it has happened that when you hear the advice about inverting in Facebook or Google ads, when you know that you need to generate a lot of content, that you require videos and drawings, and that you además you should always be pending to respond online, it is likely that comiences thinking that everything is like moving montañas, on the ground because of the workload bell because of the presupposition that you must invert then say that you are digital marketing and only for big business It is not possible to apply them as little as necessary.

Chief and VP of Operations Email Lists

8 ways to fall in love with your audience – Britney¡False !, No caigas en es tramp! Getting a brand to inspire and connect with your audience is not something that succeeds from the night to the morning … small or medium business or even niche, well in the know and trust in the others; in order to achieve this, we must gain our attention and desire to interact with ourselves… and we must do it with efforts that are not costly intelligent bells.
There are 8 actions that help you get it.

8 brand actions that inspire
1.- Love your audience as you do. Everybody should tell your customer, but the truth is that they are hacking. Define a customer with the segmentation of “My buyers in the C, C + segment, men from 34 to 50, who live in the area sur bla, bla, bla …” it doesn’t work. In the event that it is not necessary to know these details, but today we must go there. You should know that it moves, motivates and animates you. What can you do to get up in the morning ?, What problems keep you busy and how can you help them ?, What motivates you, how can you reach that emotional core? give us the opportunity for brands to inspire, connect and move our audience. Do not sell because you have to search and relate to this discourse, you will never sell;… worrying honestly for your client will lead to a better conversion. In the United States and Europe, businesses of all sizes, that know your audience well. contained to answer your public’s concerns. In Latinoamérica they are very small. Look at this example. Example: If bbmundobbmundo is a specialized publication in papas with children in the first stages. Whoa, who could googlear a daddy who has kids and send them to school every day … Could it be something like “healthy lunches”? Safe! We have chosen the job: Yes, it is the first option in the world, which has created an article since 2015, titled 10 healthy lunches. Did you know that the first Google result will result in more than 30% of all clicks? – bell to give an answer to your concerns, making it possible for him to come to your site. How many new brands are there? ¡Poquísimas! ¡¡Tu tuya be one! To inspire you, you need to get to your audience like yourself… the aún mejor.

CONSEJO: Writes the first 50 questions that are usually related to your business and crea contained with each one of them. You will see that your traffic multiplies.
The brands that inspire the status quo have gone from their thinking, but they should not be like their competitors. Even the most likely to break and how to break it. Your business needs inspirational Betting Email List … it should surprise and delight your customers. You must manage that the people who have given you their e-mail address, the people who listen to your podcasts, take a look at your videos, the people who visit your site and lee your posts, those who follow you to see your visuals on Instagram or check your stories … everyone must be surprised and delighted with the content you provide, with the resources you offer, so when you are listening to the news you can decide: Wow, this is a very good thingHowever, I can’t believe that it is providing so much knowledge and valuable information! You must want to give something to others, on the ground to have some bell help people, change your life and help with what you do with your experts, no matter if you have a dye shop or a paint factory. Example: Case of Natural Cooking Natural of Mexican is a Mexican YouTube channel on some… do you think it goes up a week? At the! Publishes daily since 7 years ago. ¡Dios! I can never imagine where I can get so many recipes from. In case Sonia Ortiz, her host, shares all her knowledge through a plateau. Each capsule lasts for an average of 3 minutes and has around 10 thousand reproductions, which has to be met by a million sponsors. Obviously, in addition to monetizing on YouTube, there are brand sponsors and other projects that have emerged by simply sharing su conocimiento.Muchos will say that there are YouTubers with much more traffic. Yes, but a lot of those YouTubers are trendy and as long as they are done, beauty or youth is going to fall apart. Here we speak of a mature woman preparing daily recipes, constantly containing and consistently having a million followers! why? Because she has the most misunderstanding that she had it for free. In the pension “How can I sell it to the audience… how can I help you? I recommend it first, after the sale… Before I want to play posting ads on Facebook, Google, why: why would you buy me anything? You need to give something first to ask if you can take it. When you do that, there are opportunities. Define what you can deliver free of charge and constantly.

3.- Be human, be your mark
You do not need to share everything you have during the 24 hours of the 365 days of the year to be authentic. Nadie does not matter how the pies stick to your pancakes, they never pour into all the haciéndolo nets. However, just when you are breaking up in a pancake chain you see something that you think could work for your audience, so you should share it. Hazlo included with live video if you want. Do not share to return a media star, share to be useful. Talk to your audience and know how to prove the mini-computer that we load every day in the pocket is what will determine how many shares; the authenticity is the form, that is what your audience perceives when you aim to be natural. Only one like you, so be my own, be your mark. There is no moment like this, with so many tools to hand, so that the world separates that you exist. Example: Gary Vee case
Here you can show your teacher. Gary Vee is an entrepreneurial expert and he shares contained every day through many channels. When he has an idea or a reflection, he shares it at the moment. Of course, he has the dynamism and experience to do it… but hey! He is not famous, he has been solo for 8 years since he started and has no age for a millennial. You can be a more human brand since today! ADVICE: Approve much more and in a natural way, the tools you have on your smartphone. Share socially in the halls, at the moment when you think it would serve your audience. Start creating and communicating as a human brand.

4.- Be a storymaker, not a storyteller
Now let’s put a little bit of braking on the previous one. Approving the tools to tell stories, does not mean that you must be on Facebook live every day that every post is about you. One of the main reasons why we share is contained, according to a New York Times study, and because gusta llevar relevant content the entertainment to others… es decir, we are natural devourers of stories. If you are looking to be a brand that inspires, you must not storytelling, you do not want to tell the stories of others (unless of course, you are useful you hear as in this post that you are coming to see muchas); but more than that, you must be a storymaker. Create a story of your brand and tell it in your communication channels; agree on your own language to help you understand. Example: If ICAHace a year, ICA, one of the biggest construction companies in Mexico, if you asked how it could be that your journalists were interested in learning about safety standards, ultra relevant topic in this industry with so many risks. The answer was not to create triptychs, even in the leaflets that Nadie would read. Creating a story on a channel that the workers understood; imprinted a Libro Vaquero with a history framed in an environment of security in the constructions. The result… the workers devoured this content. it reviews where bad engagement has been achieved through the statistics of each network. Statistically, for example, Instthey are now one of the networks that most responds to when they have no links. Open the possibility of containing online and offline. It is important not only in terms of the structure, but also the history and engagement that achieves it.

5.- Hazlo about you audience not about you
Talk about other people, make connections with your audience, listen to other people about what you talk about on Facebook, on Twitter, on Snapchat, on Instagram talking about you, you’re not helping me , conviértelo in material about your audience, how can you help them; with a lot of history that includes them in some way… that is not all about you, bell of what you can contribute. personal aseo products… that will give you a fee ¡Leíste bien !, ¡por correo fisico! I mean that you believed that nadie used it. Nadie thought that she was having a functional idea, which her founder spoke about and how she could benefit from it; he developed a simple video walking by substitute, in an unabashed and fun way. The story went viral in the middle and right, taking the servers out of the company due to the traffic load. We used this example to come as a business owner with a business idea in which the hubiera believed to go against brands giants like Gillette or Schick, turned out to be a hit when I decided to tell their story and show the benefits. You can be the next! The only thing you have to cross is the one that decides and pienses a creative way of telling it. Canales, sobran! CONSEJO: Create a video, tell the story of your brand creatively and above all, it explains how it benefits your audience. If you don’t want to appear on the video, get someone with the stamina and the necessary charisma, don’t limit yourself by it!

6.- The rites are necessary
You must not leave it because of the desire to publish in fashion, the temptation to post the first thing that occurs to you, because you fall in love and you are just like other people. To be a brand that inspires, you need to create content in a constant and consistent way, in the format that you want, but you have to create it. if your abilities will give you to the three, which then, but you must get used to your audience to the periodicity. The question of smoke is: If you mark and you have disappeared … someone did the extra? And here the lesson is my principle … how to fall in love with your customers -Domestícame! -dijo el principito.-Hay to be very patient -respondió el zorro-. You will sit at the beginning of a few lejos de me, there, in the hierba. See you in reojo and you won’t say anything. The word is free of misunderstandings. But, every day, you could feel a little closer …
The next day was the beginning. -Hubiese been best to come at the same time -dijo el zorro-. If you come, for example, four o’clock in the afternoon, you can be happy from three. As soon as the hour advances, the happier I will feel. As four, I will feel agitated and restless; Discover the price of happiness! But if you came at any time, never know what time to prepare my heart… The rites are not necessary. The same with your audience… the rites are not necessary. there are many applications that you can use to create a content calendar for a period of 12 months, some of which even come with templates, key words and stuff that help you to create an integrated strategy for your content marketing. Ultrasonic tools may be Google Docs, the WordPress calendar plugin; at a medium level you can work with Trello; and if you are looking for something pro, there is a Hubspot that you can search for them as advisors or simply approve your free templates.

7.- Leave space for dynamic content
It uses content in real time, how do you get the engagement in the moment? See, you’re currently an authentic guy … but you don’t have to, you simply have to connect with your audience, and currently, nothing better than literally taking them live. Instagram stories are 10 seconds long, Twitter is 140 seconds long ; Instagram videos for a minute, Facebook for hours… and you are worth it and you want it live, Instagram gives you 60 minutes and Facebook 240 minutes. Example: Case Luis Maram
Here on our website, through our Facebook page, we decided to take some videos with you in real time, and even create your audience is not easy, the exchange of comments, the informationit is hope of you and interacting in real time is something that in history has never been lived and today it could happen. ADVICE: Approve the platforms in real time that exist today. As we mentioned, you could have been contained in real time from 10 seconds to four hours, depending on the tool you choose.

8.- Build something bigger than you
Build something that’s much bigger than you, that’s what any person can do on its own, build something that’s bigger than we could do all together… because people on the ground buy things, they want to join something that’s bigger give them something that they can be part of, something they can belong to, they want to interact on the ground with you bell with your community, inspires, motivates and helps people to connect with each other, help others, to please each other, to trust each other, to do business between them, to adopt a community and together do something much bigger than we could do so. hazlos live on its meaning. Have you seen the Toms calzado? It is very probable that if… but in the event that we do not, we will tell you that it is a brand that, for each one I buy it from, they treat each other to a person in need. Do you know what? This model has become one of the most beloved brands, opening up a place where giants like Nike, Puma or Vans are always dominated. su menú, products from communities all over Mexico that the same restaurant chain has been able to turn to their suppliers. Social responsibility marketingCONSEJO: Not to donate a cent, not to embrace an association, not to say that you are one responsable company. Whatever you have to do is stick to a posture on a topic that interests your audience and help build on it. Are you interested in feminism ?, ¿responsible consumption ?, ¿avoid animal abuse? There are a thousand topics to which you could align; only with authenticity and teaching to your audience that you may be part of the exchange. ConclusionInspiring your audience, falling in love with your brand NO is creating a better sales package, it is not automating your corrections to fix cookies for remarketing. These are only fierros… hardware and software that any technician can implement. Awakening emotional connections requires a deeper understanding, a perfect understanding of your audience and a better understanding of what you can contribute. Are you there?

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