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Brands have not learned to do email marketing


Brands have not learned to do email marketing

In more than 20 years, brands have not learned to do El Salvador Phone Number List marketing. Why?

This morning I was listening to a recent interview with Seth Godin . Not many know that who is considered today as one of the greatest exponents of marketing, began many years ago, driving the adoption of e-mail marketing.

Nobody believed him back then. no one thought that email would become one of the main marketing channels … but time proved him right.

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In the interview, the interlocutor commented that indeed, the world had seen an explosion in the use of email marketing in the last decade, but that even today the amount of brand emails received daily was annoying.

At the comment, Seth noted:

– I said that a lot of e-mail marketing would be done, but not that it was done well. In fact, after twenty years of making the prediction, the amount of bad practice at it is unbelievable. Brands have not learned to do Betting Email List 
marketing .

And boy is he right!

Seth Godin – How to Make a Small Business Marketing Plan
Why brands have not learned to do email marketing
Go to your mailbox and look at the emails you have received in the last week from brands. I bet most of them just want to get money out of your pocket … and in the same way I bet you that few or none, they sent you something interesting to read or learn.

Marketing teachers and gurus get tired of talking about emotional connections, links, inbound, storytelling … but the reality is that brands do not seem to care about this. They are too busy trying to make money as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Of course, sales are an objective… but they are not the end. However, getting CMOs, CFOs or CEOs to understand that is difficult, unless they have a high-level vision.

Today, the best email marketing tools (we always recommend our friends at Doppler ) have functions such as creating lists, segments, automated marketing according to dates, openings, campaign behaviors or even on-site behaviors … but the reality is that very few brands use these functions, and when they do, they only seek the commercial vision. Of course there are exceptions like the case of Mr Porter , but they are not the norm.

Email marketing can build a brand, generate awareness, create a reputation … and yes, sales too. However, the necessary steps must be taken …

We want to be beloved brands … but we are not willing to walk the road.

We must dare to be and make a difference. Dare to experiment, to create, to fail. Not just obsessed with selling. The greatest successes come from failures … but not from failures per se, but from trying over and over again.

Brands have not learned to do email marketing. They dare not experiment. Jordan pointed out that he had missed more than 9 thousand shots … but trying them was what made him a winner.
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