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Brandemia Covid-19


Brandemia Covid-19

The unexpected blow to the daily life of society caused by the global crisis of Covid-19 that we are experiencing has put to the test the capacity for cooperation, organization and solidarity of the human being in the activities that we are used to carrying out on a day-to-day basis. This new and complex situation has meant a paradigm shift; In a hyperglobalized world that cannot tolerate stopping, this crisis represents an unprecedented shock.

Another obvious cause of this global quarantine is the nosedive in the economy. The Denmark Phone Number List group, affected by the measures taken by the institutions and the uncertainty of future events, has in many cases been forced to improvise in various areas of its activities. But not all brands are the same, nor is it all bad news.

Branding and new opportunities during Covid-19
It is also in these situations where, paradoxically, new opportunities are born. Some of the reference brands have taken advantage of the announcement of the quarantine in most countries to communicate and show solidarity with the cause . In other words, “having something to say to the world” in these cases builds an image and is usually associated with an exercise in empathy and social concern for Covid-19 . These brands have known how to humanize and adapt their message to the reality of what we are experiencing. And I’m not just talking about trying to fight the contagions of the pandemic; All communication serves to remind the customer that you are there. That is, do marketing.


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The actions of the most creative brands during these days perfectly communicate the traits that differentiate the personalities of each brand: their values ​​and the goal they pursue, such as selling an experience beyond the Betting Email List or communicating a purpose with which the customer identify yourself. These actions are essential if the intention is to reinforce the positioning and promote the creation of links with the consumer in order to retain them.

The communication of the big brands in troubled times
Ikea is an example of this. One might think that it only sells furniture, but it transmits an experience closely linked to the concept of family and home . It is identified with values ​​such as comfort, friendship, empathy and accessibility. In this case, the brand has carried out a campaign in audiovisual format, highlighting the most special moments that one may have experienced at home and remembering the positive things about staying there. Undoubtedly an original way to connect the main objective of the message with your brand imagery.

campaigns, message and branding during the covid-19 of the IKEA brand

Another example of a very well-defined brand identity is Nike , which these days has also joined the messages of caution due to the situation. The brand has established a timeless identity that stands out across the board from leading marketing models. It transmits values ​​such as improvement or the winning spirit, with campaigns that are usually aspirations, highlighting the motivation and effort to achieve victory. In this case, his message connects the solidarity of playing indoors with the concept of playing in front of many people, inviting you to feel like an elite athlete with a mission to fulfill: save lives.


One of the digital marketing trends that aims to take advantage of the central theme that occupies users’ screens at the right time is viral marketing. Among the brands that have developed these actions in a more creative way, Netflix stands out, for example . His campaigns are especially known for being groundbreaking, associated with his rebellious, youthful and resourceful personality. We are used to advertising in conventional media such as billboards in large cities, actions that, however, we end up consuming on digital platforms.

Recently, an alleged advertising campaign by the multinational has gone viral, which consisted of placing posters with spoilers of its most successful series in the streets and public spaces. Without a doubt, it is a brilliant and original way to turn the main message around and take it to the commercial field, turning it into an incentive to stay at home consuming your own product. Although it could well be a share of the company itself and its shares have increased by 17% and its viewers by 25% during the pandemic, Netflix is ​​not part of this digital advertising. It was the brainchild of two advertising students from the Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg. The students considered that people were not aware of the magnitude of the problem, so they chose to help with “what they do best”: with creativity.

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