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Brand Reputation: Marketing Managers Who Didn’t Love Their Brands


Brand Reputation: Marketing Managers Who Didn’t Love Their Brands

Brand reputation is difficult to manage. However, some seem bent on destroying it, without even intending to!
“Some men just want to watch the world burn,” said Michael Caine in Nolan’s Return of the Dark Knight. A good brand reputation is an incredibly precious commodity and requires a lot of effort. Despite this, a poorly focused action can have unforeseen collateral damage that ends it.

I share with you the most notable facepalm or moments of exasperation of the CEO Email Lists campaigns of the video game world :

Pagan rituals and animal sacrifices
No, it’s not a joke. It is literal. Sony threw a heathen party during the release of God Of War II in 2007 .

CEO Email Lists

The grotesque show included a priest dressed in furs, half-naked models and… yes, a cutthroat goat. If the sum of factors was not bizarre enough, attendees were invited to eat from inside it.

The result? A controversy like few are remembered in the sector . Sony had to make a public apology and tried to remove all traces of the nauseating spectacle.

When marketing is toxic … for the environment
In 2011, THQ presented its long-awaited Homefront game at the Game Developers Conference . And what better way to do it than by sharing it with the citizens of San Francisco. To achieve this, they tied promotional flyers to Betting Email List of red balloons and released them throughout the city.

The citizens of San Francisco were quick to show their most irascible side, seeing how the balloons floated in the bay. Despite complaints and allegations of contamination , THQ limited itself to reporting that the compound was 100% biodegradable.

The company was unaware that animals could eat its promotional action, especially considering that there had already been cases of suffocation in dolphins and turtles due to balloons. The complaints were on the rise until THQ had to move: again an executive came out to apologize and announced that the firm would pay a cleaning company to collect its damn balloons.

With miniskirts already crazy
Interestingly, months earlier a report from the Entertainment Software Association pointed out the underrepresentation of women in the electronic entertainment industry.

But none of that seemed to matter. During the 2016 Game Developers Conference Microsoft organized a party (not again…) with striptease bars and dancers in schoolgirl uniforms . The uniform sported the representative colors of Xbox One. “Let’s not forget the visual code of our brand,” the marketing manager would think.

The controversy the next day was served. The brand was accused of being macho and sexist, many guests showed their rejection of the event and thousands of players expressed their disappointment on social networks. Microsoft, horrified by the repercussion, assured that it would not be repeated and was forced to make a statement against sexism in the industry .

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