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Brand reputation in the digital environment


Brand reputation in the digital environment

It is no longer about investing in the image, but the important thing is to take care of the brand reputation.
Nobody disputes that today we all have a double identity : the real one and the digital one . We interact socially in both environments in different ways, and there are even people with whom we only have contact through social cold calling phone number list , mobile applications such as WhatsApp or Line, or video calling programs for computers and tablets (Skype, FaceTime, Hangout …). This revolution in the way we communicate has also reached the business world. Little by little, companies are understanding that it is no longer so much about investing in brand image, but that the important thing is to take care of the brand reputation , that is, what people say about the brand.


Rafa Soto , creative director and founding partner of Herraiz & Soto, says in an interview on advertising , entertainment and marketing entitled ‘See advertising with different eyes’, that it is in the scenario of brand reputation , where companies should take to carry out actions with added value so that people speak well of them.It is that although the law that seems to have worked for a long time in the marketing world is: a Betting Email List -brand relationship makes sense as long as there is a mutual benefit, does it make sense to continue to hold that claim in an environment where it often does not exist a clear differentiation between products of the same category?It is here where the brand reputation , the relationship that the brand establishes with the consumer and vice versa, comes into play and establishes, in the best of cases, such an affinity with the user that makes them choose their product over the rest.

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