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Brand positioning


Brand positioning

Professor Jordi Torrents exposes the key points to consider for a good brand positioning. In the last sessions of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing , the participants have made a journey through the essence of the brand , its reputation and the development of its dimensions. Jordi Torrents , the teacher who has taught these sessions, summarizes the key concepts seen in his sessions: In the first session we have shown that the brand can be a very relevant free phone number database advantage for a company. A well-defined brand provides a differentiation value that justifies a price differential; building a brand ultimately translates into more profitability and more return. We have also seen that brands have evolved from highly product-based approaches to approaches based on the role of the brand in society; from a 1.0 approach to a 3.0 approach.


We also observe which are the main indicators of a brand’s value and what is the path that we propose to the consumer from discovering the brand, to considering it, preferring it and recommending it. We saw some examples that showed how you can get a Betting Email List to go through the different phases on this journey from “I discover it” to “I recommend it” and become an ambassador for the brand itself. Finally, in the last class we worked on the definition of a brand so that it is a platform that supports and gives meaning to all communication actions. These actions will set the tone for what the brand says and does, and what it doesn’t say and shouldn’t do. This helps us to define a below the line campaign, even to structure the style guide of a Community Manager in social networks. Therefore, this brand platform is a unifying element that gives consistency to all the actions of the brand. Thank you very much to Professor Jordi Torrents for his collaboration!

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