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Big Data as a superhero


Big Data as a superhero

Analyzing data at first sight unrelated to each other, a new system will predict crimes in 2 Spanish municipalities.
If we tell you that data management and analysis can improve the work and results of organizations, you will probably think that we are not telling you anything new (you can check the interview with Toni Martí , Customer and VP Safety Email Lists Strategist in Irish International BBDO and Professor of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing from UPF to learn more about the subject).

Is that the term Big Data , popularized in the 90s by John Mashey after the publication of an article entitled Big Data and the Next Wave of Infrastress , appears referred to almost daily in mass and specialized media.

Chief and VP of Safety Email Lists

But what if we tell you that in addition to helping companies, Big Data also works as a superhero?
Without a cape or superpowers, a few weeks ago it was announced that in the Madrid town Rivas Vaciamadrid and in the Valencian municipality of Castellón de la Plana , the first tests are being developed to implement Pred-Crime , a system created by the police management company Eurocop and the Jaume I University of Castellón to indicate to the Police and public administrations where and when the next crime will take place.

Using a large volume of data from crimes and misdemeanors already committed, a series of mathematical models and algorithms were developed that generate risk maps to help predict and prevent future problems with the law.

And not only the Betting Email List of the Police are useful for this purpose. Variables such as weather, socioeconomic studies, lighting, the presence of cameras on the streets and the proximity of green areas are also used to predict where the next crime will be committed.

With this information, the uniformed officers will be able to develop their patrol routes, warn citizens of the most conflictive areas and, above all, reduce the crime rate .

“It’s not magic,” said Eurocop according to the newspaper La Vanguardia , referring to the skepticism that, despite the passage of time and its proven effectiveness, continue to generate this type of initiative associated with the analysis of a large amount of data .

It should be noted that the idea of using technology to predict crimes has already been applied in London, where, thanks to Big Data , the areas with the highest number of suspicious movements were detected, increasing their surveillance.

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