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Benchmark, a tool for our digital strategy


Benchmark, a tool for our digital strategy

What is a benchmark and what is it for in our digital strategy?
When talking about digital Ecuador Phone Number List, we realize that one of the advantages (or disadvantages) is that changes are taking place day by day. For example, when we think that we have fully mastered the strategies and advantages that Google offers, a new update to learn appears. This time we are going to focus on defining what a benchmark is for:

It consists of doing an analysis and comparing our products, services or methodologies with those of our main competitors to identify opportunities, improvements and design new ideas that position us as the best.

When we are going to start a new project or simply want to update ourselves , carrying out a benchmark or a study of the competition will help us to know the digital strategies that our competitors are using in the market and what we can do to combat them.

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After carrying out this procedure, we will collect valuable information that will help us to know what actions or strategies we should incorporate to be more effective than our competition and how to position ourselves as the best option.

The benchmarking process consists of several phases:

1. Define who our competitors are , make a list to be able to segment them according to their target audience and the main characteristics of their products or services.

2. Set indicators , for example, the positioning they have on the web (SEO), their presence in social Betting Email List , branding, contact channels they offer, etc.

3. Squeeze as much information as possible from our competition. Some tools that could be used for analysis are Metricspot, Similarweb, Sharedcount, and more.

4. The next step to follow is to study all the information collected and make a deep analysis of our data, comparing it with our competitors.

5. And last but not least, we must do the deep study with the support of the SWOT model , so we can detect what our weaknesses are, detect where we can improve and find opportunities.


Now, are you interested in being the best option? Well, I invite you to perform a benchmark and position yourself as the best option for your brand or business.

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