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B2B marketing: what is the best strategy?


B2B marketing: what is the best strategy?

The marketing B2B (business to business), to being oriented to the sale of goods and services between companies and not directly to the consumer, as in the marketing B2C (to business consumer), has some unique characteristics that should be taken into account to when defining objectives and planning campaigns. Let’s see it!list_altIndex of contents
The differential aspects of B2B marketing
The new style of collaboration and relationships between companies
Best B2B Marketing Strategies and Practices
4 strategies to improve your B2B marketing
The role of inbound marketing in B2B marketing
The differential aspects of B2B marketing
Although it is clear that B2B marketing campaigns and traditional ones focused on the end customer have several common elements, they cannot be ignored very marked differences . In the first place, the needs of australia mobile number database are not the same as those of consumers , since they are motivated by more objective factors , such as profitability and productivity. Generally, a company acquires a product or service to function better, be more efficient, and then get a return on it.Also, in B2B it is more difficult to get the message to our potential customers . In the first place, for a purely quantitative question, since it is usually a much smaller number of people and, secondly, because they belong to a much more segmented niche , often professionals from a specific sector, so it is not so easy to communicate with them through more general channels, such as social networks.



The events such as fairs, seminars and conferences are still widely used as marketing actions B2B, but an email campaign marketing can also be very effective if directed to the appropriate contacts and taking into account aspects such as the specific needs of the customer ( in this case other companies) and in-depth knowledge of what the purchase cycle of our product or service is.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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The new style of collaboration and relationships between companies
At present, the type of relationship between companies and the way of collaborating between them is very different from that of a few years ago . Before, a Betting Email List Powerpoint presentation of our products and services, and a budget as tight as possible, was enough to earn your trust and close the transaction. Today this alone is not enough.Concepts such as business culture and positive values , associated, for example, with the defense of the environment and social responsibility, are becoming increasingly important . In order to close a business or establish a collaboration , companies are increasingly looking at aspects such as:The image that we transmit to partners, suppliers, consumers and society in general.
Our presence and reputation online .
The fundamentals of our business model , not only economic or profitable, but also at the level of values ​​and philosophy.
Companies are aware that the image that their partners and suppliers project has a great influence on their own and on what they want to convey. That is why they are looking for suppliers and collaborators who, in addition to providing quality products and services, provide them with extra added value in the form of an improvement in the image and fruitful and enriching collaboration ties at all levels.Next, I will develop what are the good practices of B2B marketing and the best actions that we can carry out, taking into account the new needs and problems of this type of strategy.Best B2B Marketing Strategies and Practices
In addition to the need to generate the best possible image , according to a survey study by Sales Force , B2B marketing departments face the following problems :

New business development.
Lead quality.
Keep up to date with trends.
Customer acquisition.
Some of the problems cited by those surveyed refer to needs related to the latest technologies and automation processes. Opinions that reflect the transformation that this type of marketing is undergoing , until recently focused almost exclusively on traditional networking actions and campaigns: phone calls, personal visits and organization of events.Click here to download the guide “How to launch an Inbound Marketing campaign”
4 strategies to improve your B2B marketing
The following strategies can help you face the new needs, problems and challenges of B2B marketing:1. Strengthen the identity of your company
The companies are more receptive to buy products and services to other companies with which they feel identified , consider that represent them and are aligned with the values they wish to convey. To achieve this you have to reinforce your corporate image , both online and offline. Some actions that you can carry out are:Define the values ​​of your company in a clear, concise and impressive way , that is, with a well-crafted pitch that explains in a very visual way and with little text what your company is like and what it can contribute.
Organize and sponsor solidarity events .
Implement concrete measures to reconcile the family / personal and professional life of your employees.
Improve the working conditions of your workers so that they feel satisfied and become ambassadors for the company and the brand.
Promote and communicate these actions in the best possible way , the ideal is that they appear in digital media and if possible also traditional ones.
2. Maximize your online presence
Online presence is one of the fundamental points of an effective marketing strategy . To achieve this, you must implement these 3 factors, which in the Sales Force study cited above have been scored with more than 90% effectiveness:Content marketing and inbound marketing . Creating content online allows you to communicate with your potential clients and let them assess for themselves the benefits of using your services or products (in the next point we will develop these strategies in greater detail).
Creation and updating of a website and a blog with quality content.
Internet positioning campaigns, both naturally organic (SEO) and paid (SEM).
CTA – Hire HubSpot with InboundCycle
3. Work your email marketing
The automation of marketing software and appropriate platforms has changed the way that companies have to communicate with their users. Among many other actions, automation allows you to implement optimized and effective email marketing campaigns , enabling you to:Properly segment your database and your contacts
Send personalized emails to the contacts you want, informing them of the news about offers, products, services and other topics related to your company that may be of interest to them and meet their needs.
4. Create a database that you can nurture
A database is a great asset , since thanks to marketing automation you can keep track of your contacts and send them personalized offers and all kinds of information and content at the right time.

But to get a good database, you have to be able to capture users , who can initially be anonymous, and turn them into records or leads with contact data that you can follow up on.In this issue there is a notable difference with B2C: end consumers are captured above all through online forms and buttons on web pages ( call to action ), while in B2B, face-to-face actions such as events or fairs are also very important. .iStock-912617272The role of inbound marketing in B2B marketing
The inbound marketing can help you get a better B2B marketing strategy , since it is based on creating different types of content designed to educate and deliver relevant and interesting information for that specific audience interests us . The more complex and technical our product or service is, the more inbound marketing can help us to communicate all this spcialized information in the best possible way.Inbound marketing, mainly through the generation of valuable content but also using other online marketing techniques, such as social media or organic positioning (SEO), can help us meet other B2B marketing needs , including:Increase your domain authority with the creation of valuable content.
Give visibility to your brand .
Achieve greater prestige and credibility with suppliers, clients and investors.
Be more present online.
Generate a database with quality contacts , to whom we can offer our collaboration products and services, and promote fruitful networking.
Construction of a lead nurturing channel adapted to the funnel or user purchase process. This allows you to maintain direct contact with users, offer them the content that best suits them based on their interaction with your company or brand, and be a reference for them. They are also accompanied, educated and prepared so that, finally, they buy your products or hire your services.
A case of great success of a B2B inbound marketing project is that of Captio , a company that offers business expense management software that, thanks to a centralized project in a complete blog and other actions, has achieved very important objectives, among They: accelerate visits to your website and get more customers, also improve company communications, generate in users the need to buy your product, gain online visibility and improve prestige and reputation.And you, what B2B marketing strategy do you follow? Do you have other ideas or techniques that work for you? I would love to read them!

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