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Automate sales in long purchase processes


Automate sales in long purchase processes

The automation of the sales process , especially in cases where the purchase cycle or funnel is long, allows optimizing the work of both the commercial director and the sales team, streamlining all those routine tasks that waste a lot of time and they do not generate added value. Establishing area code denmark mobile circuits in which automatic tasks are carried out with the appropriate tools has a very favorable influence on the final results of companies , increasing profits and making them more profitable.list_altIndex of contents
Tools and plugins to automate the sales process
The automation of the sales funnel
Personalized and segmented lead nurturing
Automatic dialogue with marketing
Automate sales: the best way to avoid wasting time and increase profitability
In this article I am going to talk about the tools and plugins that, in my opinion, are more effective and practical to automate the sales process as much as possible . Specifically, I will develop the following:Sequences
In the last part of the article I will explain how to use automation tools to achieve a personalized and segmented lead nurturing , as well as a better alignment between the sales and marketing departments .



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Tools and plugins to automate the sales process
The sequences or sequences are chains of emails and other automated tasks that help us create a much more personalized relationship or conversation with potential clients (prospects).Through the Betting Email List automation platform or tool that we use, we can program such interesting functions as:Detect those users who have characteristics closer to the profile of our buyer persona ( typical customer), those who are more aligned with our brand or are already in a more advanced stage of the purchase process. To do this, we can automatically analyze the different interactions of the leads (records) of our database with our website, especially with the key parts, such as the links where the prices of the products or services we offer are located.New Call-to-action
Once we know which users are more mature or close to the purchase , we can create sequences , on a weekly basis, for example, in order to start a conversation or relationship with them (usually via email but using other channels of communication). communication such as telephone or LinkedIn). This stage can be done with a certain level of automation , although it is highly recommended that you review the profiles manually, to ensure that the shipments are as aligned as possible with the recipient’s profile. In this way, you can choose the most suitable type of email.
Automatically personalize the different emails or sequences based on the responses or interactions of these users with us: if they have filled out previous forms, made comments or downloaded content from our website or blog.
Automating the calls or meetings through links that are synchronized with your availability according to your schedule. Each commercial will have a link generated so that the prospect can automatically reserve a space of time to have a call or a face-to-face meeting.
Another option is to schedule additional tasks to the sequences, such as: contacting a potential client through LinkedIn or other social networks, making a phone call, arranging a personal interview, etc.
It is possible to schedule shipments both through HubSpot and with other email systems, such as Gmail or Outlook .

Automate sales in long purchase processes

How to generate sequences with HubSpot Sales Pro
The users of the HubSpot Sales Pro platform have the sequences tool, specially designed to establish conversations and feed information and content to each prospect over long periods of time .

Some very useful features of this tool are:

Schedule emails as often as we want.
Edit and customize the different templates of the emails of the sequences.
Add tasks to the commercial, such as reminders or actions.
Remove leads from sequences automatically once they do a certain action, such as replying to an email or scheduling you a meeting.
Top 10 Steps to Streaming in HubSpot and Adding Contacts
1. In your HubSpot Sales account , go to Sales Tools> Sequences .

2. Click Create Sequence .

automate sales3. The third step is Naming the Sequence .

4. Now add the first steps to your sequence by dragging a Task or Template from the content sidebar on the left.

automate sales5. Repeat this action and add the rest of the steps . You will be able to select the amount of time allotted between the steps. For example, the option “If there is no response after 3 days, then send …” causes the following template to be sent.

automate sales6. Now you just have to add steps until your sequence is complete . Please note that each sequence is limited to 5 email templates and there is a limit of 1000 sequences per user per month .

7. To enroll a contact in a sequence, just go to Contacts and select the person you want to enroll. In the upper right corner of the record, you have to click on Email> Sequences and select your sequence by name.

automate sales

8. Once you have made the selection, you can customize and review the sequence before finalizing the registration.

9. Make additional changes to the settings and content of your emails as needed.

10. Finally, click Submit .

As you will see, it is all very simple and intuitive, but if you want to deepen on the management of sequences or have any doubts, we recommend this article from HubSpot .

Advantages and disadvantages of the Sequences
It is a very useful tool that allows you to save time and automate tasks that, despite being necessary, are repetitive and routine. However, to get the most out of it and avoid mistakes in Sequence management you have to be very attentive to issues such as:

You must make sure that the association between sending personalized emails and user profiles is correct . Especially if we use different communication channels, it is easy to make mistakes and end up sending a message or content that is inappropriate for the recipient’s profile. Sometimes manual review work is required.
Even being an automated process, the creation and customization of the different sequences involves a lot of work that, in some cases, may not correspond to the results obtained. To gain efficiency, a good practice may be to limit the use of sequences to those prospects who are closer to the purchase , and continue to send more generic chains to users who are still in a phase away from the sales funnel.
The tasks or tasks are very useful for organizing your schedule communicative actions with each and every one of the users without, by mistake or carelessness, you forget a prospect. Tasks can be created within the same record so that, in the future, you can write down things that you should do. For example: “I wrote back because I was on vacation” or “I called back because I was not in the office.” In addition, you can mark these actions on a specific date and time on the calendar, or schedule more generic tasks .

You can create tasks both in HubSpot and on other platforms, such as Trello or Evernote.

automate sales

How to create and use Tasks in HubSpot
In order to use the Tasks tool in HubSpot, you need to have your contacts added to HubSpot CRM . Then just follow these steps to create and complete your tasks:

1. Create a task . You can do it in two different ways: from a contact record or from the task panel .

If you do it from a record , through your HubSpot account go to the name of the record with which you want to associate the task and fill in the fields that appear: task name, details, date, task type, etc. Finally, click on Save Task .

automate salesTo create a task from the task panel , you have to go to Tasks in the main navigation bar, click on Create Task and add title, time and due date. The next step is to go Add Task or Add Edit and continue filling in the details.
automate sales

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