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“Attack Faramions” Influencers Marketing


“Attack Faramions” Influencers Marketing

It is the phrase that is heard every time in the stories of Martín Cirio , better known as “La Faraona”, the Argentinian YouTuber and Instagrammer, who with a rather particular humor tells anecdotes of his personal life and daily events, leaving shame aside. Each time the role of the typical influencer is committed to saying what they think and what most people do not say. He has shown that with 785K followers he can call attention to brands such as Adidas, Cablevisión or Green and Armenia Cell Phone Numbers .

As it does? Their secret weapon, the army of “faramions” (as their followers are called), who prove to be a more than faithful community, are not afraid to go against anyone, some of their victims: Maru Botana, More Rial, Gladys, the Tucuman bomb , Urutbey .

When they already have their next victim in their sights, Martín gives the order: “Attack faramions” and his followers go to the victim’s profile to fill in the profile with comments, many times causing it to be closed or blocked.

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What about brands? It is normal for brands to have their communication channels open, however, these present (in some cases) difficulties to manage them. How should you respond to an influencers? What to do in the event of a Pharaminian attack?
The community manager must be prepared to act in any situation, which is why it is important to carry out the response tree. However, it is evident, in cases like these, that even today certain brands take social networks lightly.


What about politics?

The political sphere does not escape claims, it is even where we most evidence the mismanagement of the channels: not replying to messages, eliminating negative comments, avoiding responses and only using it to pose for the camera.

That is why Faraona, after suffering an incident in Chaco with Claudia Panzardi , a provincial deputy, decided to make her discharge on social Betting Email List , without thinking that it would be accompanied by an avalanche of claims for this deputy, “did not comply with the law” , “Abuse of power”, among others.

What happened? Again bad management, which unleashed a kind of virtual war with the deputy . It is time to understand that what happens on the networks does not stay on the networks, this controversy transcended the traditional media, adding other provinces of northern Argentina: Tucumán, Chaco and Corrientes.


Influencers have the power to mobilize communities, that is why brands incorporate them every time in their strategy, we see then that the selection of the profile is crucial, since it will represent the brand and must be aligned with the style and communication this.
The correct management of the RRSS is everyone’s responsibility: brand, celebrities and community. Once something is tweeted, there is no going back.

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