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Are we living the decline of Facebook?


Are we living the decline of Facebook?

Princeton University predicted the “death” of this social network for 2017.
A few years ago , Princeton University launched a study where it predicted that by 2017, Facebook would fall into decline, losing 80% of its users. Zuckerberg’s social network could follow the tragic path of MySpace, which Vietnam Phone Number List its moment of glory in 2008 and which, by 2011, was already in full decline. The researchers who made the report made their prognosis based on the growth curve of infectious diseases . According to the study, like diseases, ideas spread contagiously among people before they die.

As we have all witnessed, Facebook has been spreading like a plague globally. However, today the population is becoming increasingly “immune”.

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It is a fact that among the youngest, it does not occupy the first position in its ranking of social Betting Email List
. Snapchat , Instagram or YouTube are the favorites in this target.

Another argument that could confirm Princeton’s omen is user searches for the word “Facebook” . According to Google Trends , these peaked in 2012 , and since then they have only fallen.

Uncertain future
Despite the Princeton study and all the arguments in favor, Facebook remains the social network that dominates the empire. This is demonstrated by several studies such as the VI Annual Study of Social Networks of IAB Spain.

It is also the favorite of brands, since they know that their consumers are still there. In fact, according to the recent Social Media Examiner report , it is expected that in the near future 67% of companies will strengthen their strategies focused on the Zuckerberg network than on the others.

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