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Are social media strategies applicable only in B2C?


Are social media strategies applicable only in B2C?

Although in the massive world the rules are different, we must consider that in B2B we also deal with people.
The answer is no. 87% of Business to Business or B2B companies also use Social Media.

When talking about social Founder Email Lists , it is mistakenly believed that they only serve to disseminate products and services aimed at mass consumption.

However, the objective of B2B companies, as in B2C (Business to Consumer), is to get customers. Therefore, more and more companies dedicated to this segment are turning to Social Media Marketing .

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After all, your customers are there too. Because even if they are B2B, they still deal with people!

It is true that the fact that your audience is smaller and with specific interests determines your positioning, visibility and advertising strategies.

Thus, resources such as humor – widely used in Betting Email List – are difficult to apply in B2B, since among the usual premises of the sector is to be formal and direct.

Despite this, more and more B2B companies use Social Media tools to create community, strengthen relationships, identify potential customers and be informed of what is happening in the market.

There are several social networks, but the most recurrent in social media strategies for B2B are three:
Linkedin is the business social network par excellence , with professional and corporate profiles from practically all sectors. According to a report by Webbiquity, half of the social traffic of B2B websites comes from this channel.

Facebook and Twitter are the other two essential networks for Business to Business . The latest news in these channels greatly favor these types of advertisers to meet their objectives.

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