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An appeal to journalists who believed they had lost the battle


An appeal to journalists who believed they had lost the battle

There is a wide range of job opportunities in the digital world and content marketing. Hope for digital journalists! I recently heard on the radio that unemployment among journalists had fallen in recent months, but that precariousness had skyrocketed. I am not going to talk about youth unemployment, exploitation and other misfortunes that the most educated generation of the last decades in Spain is suffering. No. This is a hopeful Purchasing Directors Email Lists for all those who, like me, have in their hands a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a great vocation that will not fade so easily, no matter how many crises we have to overcome. Because that’s what it’s all about, overcoming obstacles and overcoming yourself . In all professions it is important to reinvent yourself day by day but, friends, in journalism this is the law of life. One is no less a journalist for writing in a blog, digital medium or for curating content ; or by spending half your life in a marketing or advertising agency instead of taking root in a newspaper office. Yes, you can be a digital pen and the world does not end.

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I think the second best decision I have made in recent years has been to come to Barcelona to study this Master in Direct and Digital Marketing at the Barcelona School of Management . The first, without a doubt, was to go live abroad for a couple of years. There I lived indescribable experiences, especially if one is limited only to tell them, and I decided, thanks to the advice of the recruiter of a London marketing agency, to redirect my professional career towards digital marketing . And the truth is that every day that passes I think that luck has finally taken my side. digital journalism This year we’ve gotten tired of hearing that content marketing is king, but when hasn’t it been? And honestly, what journalist doesn’t like to hear this flat and repetitive phrase come out of the mouths of the greats of Betting Email List? Yes, we will agree that it is very comforting to feel that your profession, finally, has more job opportunities than you thought. But this has a catch.

It would be very easy to limit ourselves to showing our journalist title and trying to put our nose into the world of digital marketing (they taught me that this is called labor intrusion). Basically, it would be the same as staying in the comfort zone for life : that place from which, they say, we must flee to become true professionals. And to achieve this, the only coherent strategy is to get informed . We therefore need to be journalists with different mentalities, objectives and strategies. We are digital journalists. It seems that 50% of consumers say that content marketing positively influences their purchase decision . So what are we waiting for to strategize and influence the remaining half?

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