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Amazon breastfeeds and shows data and trends on online shopping at Christmas


Amazon breastfeeds and shows data and trends on online shopping at Christmas

It is clear that online shopping is experiencing a great moment. ECommerce continues to grow and evolve, and every day more companies undertake the adventure of selling through the network to respond to the growing trend of buying online. Of course, talking about online sales without talking about Amazon, one of the e-commerce giants of our time, would not make sense, and less at a time like today where gift purchases are the protagonists. In fact, Amazon just announced that it has registered a record-breaking Christmas cell number search canada around the world. Some facts about online shopping trends Amazon Premium has recorded a record Christmas: in the third week of December alone, more than three million new customers were added to the program.
This Christmas has been the most sold in history in terms of Amazon devices: the sales of these devices (eReaders, tablets, …) have doubled compared to those registered last year.
Products shipped as part of the Amazon Premium program have reached a new record: 200 million more items have been shipped free to Amazon customers this Christmas.
During Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon customers bought 33 electronic products per second from their mobile devices.
Amazon has shipped orders to customers in more than 185 countries this Christmas.


Some facts about the Christmas campaign in Amazon Spain (November 1 – December 23) Black Friday was the best-selling day in the history of Amazon.com with more than 560,000 units sold, at an average of 392 per second.
The day customers asked for the most gift-wrapped items was December 15. In 24 hours, so many meters of recycled wrapping paper were used as to cover Madrid’s Paseo del Prado from start to finish more than once.
Amazon Premium members have had priority access – 30 minutes before other customers – to more than 5,000 offers, including those on Black Friday.
Amazon.com customers have bought so many quadrecopters drones equipped with a high-resolution camera that, if they were activated all at once, they would be Betting Email List to the number of landings and takeoffs that occur each day at the Atlanta airport (USA). ), the busiest in the world.
Amazon.com customers have bought as many memory cards this Christmas as to store more than 30 times all the data collected by the Hubble telescope since it was launched into space in 1990.
Amazon customers have bought as many Just Dance 2016 as to provide a pair to each member of the Spanish Federation of Sports Dance.
With all the GoPro Hero 4s bought this holiday season by Amazon customers, we could tax every minute of the round trip walking from Madrid to Vladivostok without having to recharge the battery.
Amazon.com customers have bought as many ink cartridges as to print the Spanish Constitution more than 30,000 times.

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