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How does the YouTube Algorithm work in 2022


How does the YouTube Algorithm work in 2022

What is youtube’s algorithm? Since its launch in 2005. Youtube has tried to remain mysterious about its algorithm. He has updated the algorithm several times due to its success over the past 16 years. But currently. The main goal of the algorithm is to provide a better user experience. Youtube says the algorithm is a ” real-time feedback loop that recommends videos to individual viewers based on their different interests.” but things weren’t like that at first. Let’s go back in time to understand the changes that have taken place in the algorithm since the beginning. We want to break down the evolution of the youtube algorithm so that you have a rational idea of the changes that have taken place in the algorithm from time to time. Youtube algorithm timeline: 2005-present the first video was uploaded to youtube in 2005.

YouTube Algorithm Affects Recommended Videos

But currently. It has 2 billion Poland Phone Number List  users and over 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute. How did the algorithm get stronger to go from 1 video to 500 hours of video per minute? Let’s fill this gap. 2005-2012: it’s all about views the quality of the user experience was not youtube’s motivation from its inception. For the first seven years. It rewarded videos that got more clicks or views. But content creators abused this algorithmic approach and tricked people into thinking they were getting more views because of: clickbait video titles eye-catching thumbnails youtube users were upset by this experience. In those seven years. They had reached new heights. With over 72 hours of video uploaded every minute. Youtube had become the next big thing. Youtube-time the number of users has increased significantly.

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How to rank in just-in-time

And to retain its users’ trust and keep them engaged. Youtube realized it needed to change its algorithm. 2012: enter watch time to combat this misuse of clicks and views and improve user experience. Youtube announced an update in 2012. They prioritized considering videos that had a higher attention span; videos that users actually want to watch. Which would ultimately lead them to spend more time on the platform. Most content creators have increased the length of their videos to make people watch them longer. Which increases their watch time. But youtube was still unable to provide what the individual user was looking for. 2016: introduction to machine learning machine learning has changed the complete user experience of a youtube user. In 2016. Youtube made waves in the market by presenting a white paper.

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