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Advertising on YouTube Ads: 8 keys to successful ads [Real cases]


Advertising on YouTube Ads: 8 keys to successful ads [Real cases]

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, announced that in 2019 the company reached the number of 2 billion unique users per month . Thus, the company remains the second platform with the most active users worldwide, after Facebook. An interesting fact that gives us a very clear picture of the enormous scope that advertising can have on YouTube .list_altIndex of contents
What is YouTube Ads for YouTube advertising?
Advantages of advertising on YouTube for your digital marketing strategyWhat are the formats available to advertise on YouTube Ads?8 keys to a usa phone number list free YouTube advertising campaign
How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube?
4 success stories of advertising on YouTube Ads
However, that is not the only thing. Let’s see other interesting data that better illustrate the potential of advertising with YouTube Ads :Every second, more than 81,000 videos are viewed on YouTube around the world.
Every minute, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to the platform.
The number of advertisers using YouTube Ads is increasing by 40% every year.
Two out of three users watch YouTube on a second screen while watching television at home.
50% of users prefer to consume videos instead of content in other formats.
As for Spain , specifically, YouTube is the second most visited page , after Google; At the same time, it is the most used social platform by almost 9 out of 10 Spanish users , thus surpassing Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and any other.


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The data speaks for itself. Advertising on YouTube does not respond only to a trend , but to one of the most powerful and effective digital tactics to boost the levels of traffic, reach, sales, positioning or engagement of a brand.This context of opportunity is further strengthened by the fact that Google owns YouTube. With this, the two largest search Betting Email List in the world are integrated into the same technological ecosystem, which allows combining and sharing audiences, data and strategic actions.Therefore, with this article I will help you explore everything related to advertising on YouTube Ads so that you can improve your digital marketing campaigns.What is YouTube Ads for YouTube advertising?
YouTube Ads is the video marketing system specially designed to manage advertising on YouTube . Through this system you can create ads in different formats and choose to insert them before, during or after the video that the user wants to see, among many other options.Understanding how YouTube Ads works is essential so that you can deploy an efficient, well-organized and targeted advertising campaign, without margins of error or unnecessary expenses.Click and subscribe to our Inbound Academy on YouTube
Advantages of advertising on YouTube for your digital marketing strategyThe advantages of using YouTube Ads for digital advertising are very diverse, since they vary depending on aspects such as objectives, investment, segmentation and content of each business. However, let’s look at the main benefits of a well-planned YouTube advertising campaign below:Campaigns with the widest reach
As I said before, YouTube is the second most used search engine on the planet, surpassed only by Google. By belonging to the same ecosystem, both are generated and transferred among themselves billions of visits, which makes advertising campaigns with YouTube Ads have much more reach than any other.

Contents with the best engagement
Video is the content format preferred by audiences, as it is a material that manages to stimulate audiovisuals, thus achieving greater user retention by connecting with their emotions and preferences. In this way, the probability that a user interacts with a video and then shares it is higher.Positioning priority in Google
Within your SEO and SEM strategy, you should not only take into account your website or your blog, but also your videos on YouTube, which you can support through advertising to generate traffic and thus help them appear in the first Google search results. If you want to know more about this topic, visit our article SEO on YouTube: how to position your videos .As an example, take a look at the image below to better understand what I mean when I talk to you about YouTube’s positioning in Google:advertising on YouTube GoogleAbility to have detailed segmentation
The video campaign segmentation capacity that YouTube offers you is extraordinary: you can segment according to the needs of your business taking into account more than eight targeting methods! These detailed options help you optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns to the maximum, having them displayed to more advanced users in their respective buyer journeys to drive conversions, improve return on investment and reduce costs per acquisition.Favorable price structure through CPV
YouTube Ads has a cost system based on CPV (Cost Per View) . That is, advertising on YouTube is only paid when a user sees an ad for 30 seconds or if they interact with it before that time. You don’t pay when you simply create an impression of the video .

Possibility to limit impressions and visits
An interesting aspect of YouTube Ads is that it allows you to limit the number of impressions and visits of an ad. The objective of this is to prevent users from excessively viewing the same message, as this could create a feeling of rejection towards the brand.Comprehensive and powerful analysis
Through the YouTube Analytics tool you can obtain measurable and quantifiable results of the performance of your advertisements. All of this through a series of ad metrics and related reports .Currently, the analytical data that you can access are the following:Users who visit your channelHow long the videos are watched
Demographic information about users
User participation level
Money invested
Which videos generate the most / least interaction
If you want to know more about this tool, take a look at our article YouTube Analytics: What is it and what features does it have? and also to the YouTube Analytics section of the YouTube Operations Guide .Multi-device availability
Advertisements on YouTube are visible on multiple devices : smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets or smart TVs, among others.What are the formats available to advertise on YouTube Ads?
There are several types of formats to advertise on YouTube Ads , which evolve as the platform evolves, including new options, functionalities and mechanisms of action.The video ad formats that are available today are:In-stream ads
The in-stream ads are published before, during or after videos on YouTube, or Web sites and applications partners Google Video . Of this format, there are two types:In-stream ads that can be skipped or TrueView in-stream: after the first 5 seconds of the ad, the user chooses if they want to skip it or if they prefer to continue watching it. If the user clicks on said ad, they are redirected to a landing page, a product page or any other previously configured destination. Payment for these ads is based on the CPV (Cost Per View) model.
In-stream ads that cannot be skipped: these are ads that usually last between 15 and 20 seconds, and the user must watch them until the end to be able to see the video of their interest. Payment for these ads is based on the CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) model .
TrueView video discovery ads
TrueView video discovery ads (formerly ‘TrueView on display’ ) appear on YouTube’s homepage and search results, and are paid when the user clicks on the ad and starts watching.advertising on YouTube adsUp to this point, we can see that there are two types of YouTube advertising TrueView video ads: in-stream and video discovery. Therefore, before creating a TrueView video campaign , you must first define the format that is best for you based on segmentation, costs and your strategic objectives. In addition, there are two other modalities available, I advise you to review them:

TrueView for Action campaigns
TrueView Campaigns for Shopping
Out-stream ads
Out-stream video ads play automatically and without sound, so the user must manually activate the audio if desired.Before creating an out-stream video ad campaign, you should know that these are only available for mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) and within the Google Display Network. Therefore, it is important that you investigate in detail what an out-stream campaign looks like to determine if it is really what you need at a strategic level.The out-stream format is charged under a CPM model, as long as each view lasts two seconds or more and appears on at least 50% of the mobile device screen.Advertising bumpers
Advertising bumpers are a type of ad that lasts 6 seconds or less, cannot be skipped, and plays before, during, or after the video the user sees. Bumper ad campaigns work very well alongside TrueView, and their payment system is based on CPM bids.If you want to know more about this format, visit our article Bumper Ads: 6 seconds that will make your video marketing take off . In addition, I leave you an explanatory video with the step by step to create your own campaign.YouTube Masthead Ads
The ads on YouTube masthead ad appear at the top of the feed on the homepage of the platform. They are available for computers and smartphones as well as for tablets and TV. However, to use this ad format it is necessary to make a reservation with a Google sales representative. Regarding the payment system, two models are available: CPM and CPD (cost per day).The desktop video masthead works similar to the mobile masthead , although it is important to be aware of their slight differences.8 keys to a successful YouTube advertising campaign
When creating a video campaign in YouTube Ads you should know that the fundamentals of success in digital marketing on any channel are planning , analytics and budget management .In the case of video marketing , these fundamentals ust be accompanied by a series of very important practical keys that make the campaign successful, very powerful, efficient and economical.If you want to have a more complete and in-depth strategic vision of the potential of YouTube Ads in an online marketing campaign, visit our article How to optimize your inbound strategy with video marketing [+ Guide] .Here are the eight keys to a successful YouTube advertising campaign:Experiment with the different formats
Taking advantage of the different advertising formats in YouTube Ads helps you have a greater reach. However, as there are multiple formats available and each one is designed to generate a specific type of impact, you must first analyze what are the objectives you want to achieve and what your segment of users you want to reach is like.

From here, you can experiment with one format and another to determine which one performs better for your business. Thus, at the end of a testing phase, you will be able to decide which format you should enhance, investing the most money and production effort in it.In general terms, I leave you the following format suggestions based on certain strategic objectives:On the other hand, if you are going to target mobile usrs, it is important that you use square and vertical video formats .Correctly segment your ads
It is not enough to segment your ads, you have to know how to segment them very well! Take advantage of the excellent targeting options that YouTube Ads offers to show your ads to the audiences that are most prepared according to each stage of the buyer journey. In this way, you manage to minimize costs and increase the conversion possibilities.


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