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Advanced Google BERT guide: what it is, how it works and how it affects you


Advanced Google BERT guide: what it is, how it works and how it affects you

In 2018 alone, more than 3,000 updates were applied to Google’s algorithms, all based on the Guidelines for Ranking Search Quality . That is, each one was implemented to improve in one way or another the search results that users obtain when making a query. list_altIndex of contents
What will you find in our guide on Google BERT?
What is BERT and how does it work on Google’s algorithms?
How does BERT affect Google Search SERPs?
How to improve SEO before BERT?
However, among the large number of modifications that Google has made to its telemarketing data providers , a few stand out that are tremendously important. The most recent of these is BERT , an update announced by Pandu Nayak (VP of Google Search) on October 25, 2019. It is necessary that you know very well what this update is about so that you can use it to your advantage and, thus, generate more visits to your website.To teach you all about BERT, we a t InboundCycle created the ebook BERT for Professionals: Why is SEO Revolutionizing? Download it if you are interested in having the most complete guide in Spanish of the new update. or now, in this article we will give you a small preview of some key aspects to understand what BERT is, how it works in Google Search algorithms and how it impacts SERPs and SEO strategies.


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What will you find in our guide on Google BERT?
Some of the most important questions that we answer in detail in the ebook are:What is BERT and what do each of its acronyms mean on a practical level?
How does the BERT model affect SEO and what can we do about it?
Why is this update so important to search results?
Is BERT an ally or an obstacle for marketers?
What are some examples of Google results with the new update?
How does natural language processing (NLP) work in BERT?
What language Betting Email List existed before BERT?
What is the relationship of Python, PyTorch, and TensorFlow to Google BERT?Are ALBERT or ‘Lite BERT’ and RoBERTa successors to this update?How was the pre-training of the model according to the BERT paper ?Does the new algorithm modification work in Spanish?
Whether you are a marketer, blogger, developer or IT specialist, our ebook will answer many marketing and advanced technical questions.If you are dedicated to SEO, it will be important for you to finish reading this article. If you dedicate yourself to programming, we also invite you to access the BERT GitHub to learn about all its technical resources.[FREE GUIDE] Find out all the details about Google BERT: what it is, how it works, how it affects SEO and technical aspectsWhat is BERT and how does it work on Google’s algorithms?BERT is the acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers . It is a system based on artificial intelligence (AI) to help Google Search algorithms better understand the language that users use when performing a search using sentences.

In this sense, the new update in Google’s algorithms is as innovative as the one carried out in 2015 with RankBrain , the first AI mechanism used to analyze user queries and better rank the results in the SERPs. Both systems, BERT to a greater extent, apply an analysis method that allows each query to be contextualized more naturally.To achieve this, BERT has a characteristic called “bidirectionality” , which consists of parsing a sentence in two directions. That is, it analyzes the words that are both to the left and to the right of a keyword, and this allows you to fully understand the context and subject of the entire phrase that a user enters for Google search.Bidirectional BERTSource: Analytics VidhyaIn this way, after understanding very well what a certain query is about, Google’s algorithms, thanks to its more than 200 ranking factors , select those contents that best respond to that search, with which the results in the SERPs become increasingly relevant to users.Therefore, although BERT is not properly a classification factor , it is directly related to several of them, since this system will begin to be in charge of telling algorithms what exactly users need to find .New Call-to-actionHow does BERT affect Google Search SERPs?According to the official Google Search team, the goal of the platform is to quickly give users the exact answers they need . To do this, the content classification algorithms evolve every day. However, not only the ranking of the indexed pages is important, but also the linguistic understanding of the queries made. This last point is where BERT comes in .Thanks to BERT’s analysis of queries, Google’s results pages are much better tailored to the interests of users. This means that the “keywords or keywords” are no longer as relevant as individual elements, since from now on Google gives higher priority to search intentions instead of words that, by themselves, are decontextualized and cannot transmit a specific question.This new Google Search process will gradually improve the generation of featured fragments and the zero click phenomenon in the SERPs , since, on the one hand, featured fragments are capable of producing a result that responds very directly to an intention search. This, in turn, produces what is known as “zero click”, which refers to the fact that users, after conducting a search, no longer need to click to enter a page that responds to their query, Well, this answer can already be seen directly in the SERP.An example of featured snippets and zero clicks is as follows:BERT Google Featured SnippetsThus, before the query “Documents to work in the United States”, a prominent fragment appears in the SERP where a direct response is immediately displayed, and without the need for the user to click on any page.Although it is true that the operation of the featured fragments is prior to BERT , it is also true that with this new update the generated fragments will begin to be much more efficient, accurate and applicable for a greater number of queries.How to improve SEO before BERT?
Another of the innovations that characterizes BERT is a property called “ Transformers ” . This consists of a scoring mechanism that allows identifying which is the most correct meaning of a word within a particular sentence (in the case of words that have several meanings). These scores are assigned by analyzing, in a bidirectional way, the words located to the left and to the right of each of the terms.In this sense, Pandu Nayak states the following about the algorithm :

“There is still a lot of work ahead of us. For example, the word ‘bass’ means many things (it can be an adjective or a musical instrument). There are many meanings for a single word. That is why it is vital that you understand the context in order to understand the precise meaning of the term “.Thanks to this process, BERT can establish a very powerful semantic relationship between all the elements of a sentence, thus detecting users’ search intent quite effectively .As we can see, BERT does not miss anything , not even the prepositions . Before BERT, the prepositions in a query were ignored by the algorithms, giving results that did not adapt very well to the needs of the users.Let’s see an example of it:BERT SEO GoogleSource: Google BlogBefore BERT , the preposition “to” in the phrase “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa” was not taken into account by the algorithm. Because of this, the first result in the SERP responded to a search intention that “US citizens can travel to Brazil without a visa”.After BERT , the preposition “to” is taken into account y the algorithm, which gives it a lot of value as a determining element to understand the true search intention. Thanks to this, the new result in the SERP is adapted to the query on “Brazilian travelers who want to travel to the US and want to obtain information about the visa”.Taking into account this key information, and althogh BERT is not a ranking factor, we can apply certain changes in the way wewrite content in order to position ourselves better in Google.In our BERT ebook for professionals: why is it revolutionizing SEO? We explain in more depth what you can do about SE to get the most out of this Google update.

However, in general terms, the main recommendation is that you start creating much more conversational content , as if you were speaking to your readers face to face. Do not be obsessed with the strict keywords of the Keyword Planner . Sometimes we see articles that, by keeping a keyword intact, lack all the human naturalness that prepositions, connectors and other linguistic elements give.

With BERT, Google Search is increasingly evaluating content that really cares about responding naturally to users’ queries. Thus, SEO may soon go into the background as “search engine optimization” and we should start applying “human optimization” .

Now tell us: what do you think about this new Google update? We would like to know if you already know how to use it for yourself, leave us your opinion in the comments!

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