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Abandon social media, can my brand do it?


Abandon social media, can my brand do it?

Abandon social media, can my brand do it? Should I do it?
What will you find in this content?Why abandon social media as a brand?
High cost Null databases Are we blind or foolish?
Lush, the brand that chose to abandon social networks
Why did Lush decide to leave social media? And what will they do now!
Could my brand abandon social media? Surely it is a question that more than one of us has asked and repeatedly. Why would we think that?

Why abandon social media as a brand?
We can think of dozens of reasons to flee from social media, but the main ones would be that more and more, networks are becoming channels of payment for brands. Organic scope is dead. We repeat … dead … dead … dead … and buried. Do you want to prove it? Go to your Facebook, open your wall and of the first 10 publications see how many are from brands (not paid). Most likely none. Today, social media is a pay-to-play game and the reality is that this only contributes to the portfolio of Facebook or Twitter.
High costOn the other hand, gradually the cost per interaction rises. If before with 10 usd you got 700 reactions, today you probably have half that; Of course, there are many factors that make these figures vary, but the undeniable reality is that engagement in networks is becoming more expensive.Null databasesAdditionally, it is impossible to build a database from a social network; So if a post had 1,000 interactions, that means nothing in the future … They existed and they evaporated. We do not know who they were, we do not know their data, we do not know their preferences … nothing. Sure, there is a way to take advantage of the interaction of that thousand … how? paying the social network again to make use of its re- President Email Lists … which again ends up swelling their wallet at the expense of ours.Are we blind or foolish?
Why then do we continue to cling to social networks? Because most of the Internet users on the planet are there (Mexico, for example, is the 6th country by audience for Facebook)… and because of this we stupidly believe that they will see us if we are there too. False. If we don’t pay, we don’t exist.
leave social networks possible?

If we don’t pay, we don’t exist. That is why this game is slowly becoming prohibitive for SMEs. They cannot afford these expenses unless they obtain an ROI in sales … something that in social media does not happen as easy as they have led us to believe. Sorry gurus, I know I stone your ranch but it’s true.Has any large brand decided to abandon social media? The answer is yes.Lush, the brand that chose to abandon social networksRecently Lush , the cosmetics brand originally from the United Kingdom, (we are talking here about its naked store, Lush Naked ) decided to abandon social networks in that country.Lush Naked StoreInstead, he announced that he will direct customers to his website, email and phone line for personal conversations, while putting an emphasis on hiring influencers .It seems that Lush already realized what we have said THOUSAND TIMES:Never build your house on rented landNever build your house on rented land… the ONLY channels that you are the absolute owner of are your mailing list and your site. Everything else is borrowed and you can lose it from one moment to the next. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter channel, etc. they are not yours… they are theirs; and they will never give you the database of your followers… they are not that dumb!Why did Lush decide to leave social media?

The cosmetics company has announced that it is modifying its actions in social matters, so from next week they will speak directly with their clients through live chat on their own platforms instead of social networks.Lush UK has over half a million followers on Instagram, over 400K on Facebook and 200K on Twitter – numbers that many would covet. But now it will close the Lush UK, Lush Kitchen, Lush Times, Lush Life, Soapbox and Gorilla accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read it for yourself in this post!You read that right … they are going to abandon social networks … Facebook, Instagram and Twitter out.Tubular Labs noted that in 2018, Lush’s Facebook and Instagram channels garnered more than 10 million video views. Additionally, he found that his accounts averaged 42% growth, month-over-month, indicating success in reaching audiences with his content.This is a brutal change for a brand that has had a social media-based
Betting Email List strategy.And what will they do now!A spokesperson for Lush hinted that the brand would place a greater emphasis on influencer marketing rather than social platforms:“You will start to see the rise of Lush personalities online. This is not a replacement for the brand channels, but an opportunity. so that our clients connect individually with people from Lush based on the different categories. “We are seeing the first signs that brands stop wanting to give money to these digital emporiums, to better give them to influencers (be they macro, micro influencers or even kidfluencers ) who bring them better awareness and engagement with them. Also of course, to return the power to their sites and mailing lists.Lush is leaving social mediaThus, the company announced:“More and more, social networks make it more difficult for us to speak one to one directly. We are tired of struggling with algorithms, and we don’t want to pay to appear in newsfeeds. So we’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to some of our brand social channels: Lush UK, Lush Kitchen, Lush Times, Lush Life, Soapbox and Gorilla on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and instead open the conversation between the Lush community and us.

“… We don’t want to limit ourselves to having conversations in one place, we want social networks to be put back in the hands of our communities. – From our founders to our friends.“We believe that we can make more noise using all our voices around the world, because when we do we drive change, challenge the rules and create a cosmetic revolution. We want social to be more about passions and less about “likes.”“This is the first exploratory step at Lush UK that separates the intermediaries between us and our community. However, we understand that this is not a stock that can be supported in all markets yet.”This is not the end, it is just the beginning of something new.”What do you think? Is it crazy? Are they right? Will it work for them? Could your brand abandon social networks? Let us knowIf you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain marketing and communication strategies in detail, and be part of the community, you can receive them at your email door … And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing give us a shout out We love hearing from you.


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