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A picture is worth a thousand words


A picture is worth a thousand words

10 of the best free image banks.
Every post must be accompanied by a good image to capture the reader’s attention. Although you can use your own photographs, in many cases a specific shot is required to be able to illustrate the content, and we simply cannot find it. So that this does not happen to you again, I must create this list of 10 free image banks for the use of your commercial projects: 1. Stock.XCHNG s u rgio the idea of creating a place where creative to exchange their photographs. It is presented as an alternative to stock photos and since its inception has cell phone number database free to collect more than 400,000 images. 2. Openphoto is a platform created in 1998 that contains many images under the Creative Commons license . To find a photograph you can do a specific search or enter one of the categories that they propose. Autumn leaves 3. Stockvault was born to a designer with a passion for photography who started a picture gallery with his own photographers. Collect lots of quality royalty-free images.



4. MorgueFile has a huge archive in which it is not necessary to register to start downloading your photos. You can filter the results by category, popularity and volume of downloads, among others. To use your images in blogs or web pages, it is advisable to cite the author of the work at the bottom of it. CherriesImage by Ana Golpe5. Betting Email List is a repository ofextraordinary quality public domain images that can be used without restrictions, even for commercial purposes. The search for these can be filtered by popularity, category, image type and orientation.Purple flower6. DesignPacks contains a large number of free high resolution images for personal and commercial use. It does not have a search engine but you can find several photos by accessing the folders that appear in the catalog.Leave7. Death to the Stock Photo is a project created by two photographers tired of the typical image banks. You only need to enter your email on their website and they select and gather an archive of images that they send you through a Newsletter. If you are looking for a specific image, this is not your place.Nature8. Unsplash is a totally different image portal that uploads 10 images every ten days. His photographs stand out for their high quality and can be used for any personal and professional project. However, it has a drawback: the web does not have a search engine to be able to find a certain image.1epgw269. Flickr is one of the largest image portals that can be found on the web. The creative web design and the high quality of its images make this platform gain more and more followers. Use the advanced search engine to better filter and find out about copyright, since not all photographs are royalty free.10. EveryStockPhoto is an image search engine that indexes photos from other banks, grouping them by different categories. The files are subject to various types of image rights that are shown before downloading.Highway sunrise

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