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9 out of 10 “seniors” buy on impulse at the point of sale


9 out of 10 “seniors” buy on impulse at the point of sale

Data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) confirm that the population pyramid of our country is being inverted as a result of two main factors: the increase in life expectancy and the low birth rate. In fact, after 16 years, it is the first time that our country has registered more deaths than births, confirming a clear trend towards the aging of the population that places the “seniors”, over 65 years of age, in the center of all eyes. For this reason, AECOC Shopper View, the buyer research platform, analyzes in its latest report the characteristics and trends of the senior buyer; a consumer with new needs and preferences. According to the study data, this part of the population is characterized by making less planned purchases than the rest of the buyers. In fact, as age increases, planning at the find owner of cell phone number canada free of sale decreases. Thus, while 72% of buyers between 50 and 64 years old plan their purchase, after 65 only 62% do so. In addition, 73% of seniors say they buy on impulse at the same point of sale on some occasions, while 23% say they always do so. The purchase channel most chosen by seniors is the supermarket, to which 94% go regularly an average of 3 times a week. The specialized neighborhood store is the second type of establishment they go to (46%), followed by the market (32%).


From these data it can be deduced that the senior buyer is the one who makes the most purchases per week, although the size of his “basket” is smaller than the average. The proximity of the store is, in 51% of cases, the most important reason for choosing their usual brand, while the variety of products and brands is the second aspect -33% – that they value the most. Knowing the characteristics and needs of each population segment allows companies to better adapt their business strategies. For this reason, AECOC Shopper View has also analyzed the most important factors for the senior buyer in the study. In this sense, the volume of the product and the difficulties encountered by senior Betting Email List are key to understanding what and how they buy, since seniors look for smaller products adapted to their family formats, usually of two members. Innovation for seniors According to the study participants, the innovations most appreciated by this group are directly related to attributes aimed at alleviating typical maturity problems, mainly through healthier products. In the case of precooked or prepared dishes, this group especially values ​​that they have more natural ingredients (34%) and, in the case of desserts, dairy products and yogurts, that they provide benefits for their health (31%). With regard to packaged food, the innovations focus on facilitating the handling of the product and, in the category of drugstore and cleaning, seniors prefer innovations related to the container: good opening system, size and ease of grip, among others . ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing
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