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8 ways to respond to negative comments on your social networks


8 ways to respond to negative comments on your social networks

Bill Gates said “Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning” and he was right. How do you deal with bad comments?What will you find in this content?HearAlways respond to negative comments
Read the negative comment twiceRespond efficientlyTake communication offline Acknowledge your mistakesIgnore the trollsMake changesIn a perfect world, all the comments that followers leave may be positive. But the reality is different.All Communication Directors Email Lists get negative feedback sometimes. You cannot satisfy everyone. Be prepared to hear some things that you may not want to hear. When they see negative comments, many businesses panic, avoid responding, delete the comments, or respond negatively.Example: Amy’s Baking Company made a lot of negative comments and left posts threatening fans over a crisis on Facebook.example-from-amysbakingcompanyexample-from-amysbakingcompany2
If a business has an account on any social network, it must be prepared for negative comments sooner or later, and if it does not have a presence on social networks, people will still talk about it and leave positive or negative comments on their own. That is why it is important to listen to what they say about your business and industry, monitor and include yourself in conversations.Social Media Today has 8 tips for businesses to take control when it comes to receiving negative comments on social media.Bill Gates said “Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning” and he was right. How do you deal with bad comments?

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You cannot reply to negative comments if you are not aware that someone has left a negative comment. Most of the complaints will come through Twitter accounts or Facebook pages. It starts with using tools like Google alerts ; but for more advanced monitoring and listening, use tools like HootSuite or others.Always respond to negative commentsIt may be tempting to ignore a negative comment, but it is not the solution – it will make your Betting Email List look bad and other customers will see that you are not taking people’s feedback seriously.example-of-jetblueairwaysRead the negative comment twiceBefore rushing to reply, be sure to read the comment twice. A negative comment can be misinterpreted.Read twice and the answer you are going to leave. It is a good idea to have a courteous and professional response.Respond efficiently
Although it is important to take the time to come up with an appropriate response, the time it takes to respond to a business is also very important. The longer a business leaves a negative comment without a response, the crisis can turn into a worse one if other followers start writing negative comments. Therefore, it is important to respond as soon as possible.If a business does not have an answer at that time, the best thing to do is to respond by saying that they are investigating and then respond again as soon as the business has a solution.Take communication offline If the answer is too personal or complex, it is better to do things offline or by private message. Ask the customer to send you their contact information by mail or private message.In this example, American Airlines responds to a comment that is not negative but rather a question showing that it cares what the customer has to say.example-of-americanairlinesAcknowledge your mistakesIf the business is at fault, make sure you acknowledge your mistakes. Do not make excuses. Yes, the provider may have disappointed you, or whatever, but the customer is not interested in hearing that. A simple forgiveness is sometimes all the client wants to hear.

example-of-klmDon’t forget to see things from their perspective. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Focus on what happened, how it affected you, and how the situation will be rectified. One of the worst examples is from United Airlines when Dave Carroll wrote a song called United Breaks Guitars after breaking his guitar on a flight. What United did was deny responsibility and that inspired the song that has more than 16 million views on YouTube.Ignore the trollsOf course, sometimes it may be people who just want to cause trouble. If your business has posted an honest, helpful response, but they are still leaving negative responses, it’s a good idea to ignore them. Although this is not the ideal solution, there is no point in fueling the fire and if the business has really tried to rectify things, other customers are also going to overlook the troll.Make changes
Remember the phrase of Bill Gates “Your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning .” View negative comments as feedback that you can use to improve your business.example-of-ryanairResponding to negative comments and not just positive ones helps to build trust with your followers and potential customers, and to learn what they want from your business. The easiest thing is to ignore or delete negative comments, but the best thing to do is offer an apology and fix the problem.There will always be a customer who is not satisfied or has a personal problem, gets angry and takes it out by leaving negative comments. Our mission is to know how to handle it.Have you left negative feedback? Do you have any tips for businesses that receive negative comments? If you want to share a negative experience, we will read you in the comments, or you can subscribe to the content . We love hearing from you!

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