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8 out of 10 SMEs use social media for sales


8 out of 10 SMEs use social media for sales

What is the best trading strategy? 8 out of 10 SMEs use social media for sales

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8 out of 10 SMEs use social media for sales
Word of mouth more alive than ever
Traditional Tunisia Phone Number List lags behind
A study conducted by London, UK-based technology company UENI asked 4,246 small businesses in Mexico about their sales strategy. The survey conducted through its website throughout the month of October asked respondents to choose among the following sales tools, which ones they used:

cold calls
physical visits offering products or services,
word of mouth
social media
traditional advertising
8 out of 10 SMEs use social media for sales
80 percent of Mexican microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs indicated that they bet on social networks to promote themselves.

8 d every 10 SMEs use social networks for sales
The result is revealing at a time when major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are suffering from a widespread consumer trust and reputation crisis .

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Recall that according to the Global Trust Barometer (2018) of the communication company Edelman , only 41 percent of people in the world say they trust social networks.

Word of mouth more alive than ever
In second place was word of mouth advertising as a sales strategy for 43 percent of small businesses in Mexico. A study by the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report , “eighty-three percent of voters from sixty countries,” stated that “the most credible form of advertising comes from the people we know and trust.”

difference between content and content Betting Email List 
Traditional marketing lags behind
In third place, physical visits took 37 percent.

In fourth place was email with 36 percent, and cold calls with 28 percent. Lastly, the least used option by small businesses was traditional magazine, newspaper and billboard advertising at 21 percent.

It should be noted that these trends (8 out of 10 SMEs use social networks for sales) are repeated in all sectors: first social networks, followed by word of mouth advertising and much further back, traditional marketing tactics.

SMEs use social networks for sales
We are happy to see how small businesses are increasingly relying on digital marketing for their growth. In addition, we celebrate that microentrepreneurs know how to combine traditional techniques, such as word of mouth advertising, with new digital platforms.

There is still a need to improve the strategy followed by small businesses to gain visibility in an increasingly digitized world, but we can say that the Mexican business fabric is on the right track

Christine Telyan, director and founder of UENI
UENI is a technology company that has developed more than 150,000 websites for small business owners from countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and India. It broke into the Mexican market at the beginning of 2019, and it currently builds 600 websites a day for small Mexican companies. UENI’s mission is simple: make small businesses have an online presence.

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