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77% of women made some online purchase in the last year


77% of women made some online purchase in the last year


According to the research carried out, practically all women use both their personal computer (87%) and their Smartphone (85%) to access the Internet. The latter, with 45%, is the device most used daily by women, a percentage that increases by 61% when it comes to young people between 18 and 30 years old. The study also shows that 87% of women actively use the Internet for an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes, while women with children spend the least time daily, so that 27% of them remain one hour or less a day when connected to the valid china mobile number . Social networks and preferred themes when accessing the Internet 90% of the female population uses the Internet to consult general information; 86% use WhatsApp to communicate and on social networks, Facebook (88%) is the one they prefer to socialize the most. It also highlights the 58% of women who say they use YouTube, chosen by 58% of women (73% among young people between 18 and 30 years old), Instagram (35%) and Twitter, commonly used by 33% of women. For the great totality, WhatsApp and Facebook are the social networks of reference; 95% admit to using WhatsApp daily and dedicating 53 minutes to it, while the use of Facebook is about 48 minutes on average by 89% of users every day.


In this sense, 70% of women declare that they use social networks to communicate with their closest social and family circle and 67% to maintain relationships with people they see infrequently. It also stands out that half of the interviewees use the networks as a means of information. In addition, when they surf the net, they mainly access websites and blogs on topics of general information (52%), cinema and series (45%), leisure and plans (44%), training (40%), cooking (37% ), music (37%), fashion and style (35%) and beauty (34%). 77% of Betting Email List have made an online purchase in the last year According to this study, 77% of women have made some online purchase in the last year, being clothing, footwear and accessories (69%); tickets for transport (53%); travel accommodation (52%) and, to a lesser extent; technology (37%) and cosmetics (30%) those chosen by women when making their purchases. The main arguments for using this acquisition method are comfort with 70% and savings with 69%, although 48% stand out who mention that there are products that they cannot find in physical stores. Likewise, women have spent an average of € 853 on online purchases during the last year, with the travel and tourism sector being the most benefited in this regard, with an average of € 634; followed by technology and electronics with € 275, and, finally, fashion with € 208. ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing
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