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7 SEO trends that you should keep in mind for 2016


7 SEO trends that you should keep in mind for 2016

Although many have been announcing over the last few years that SEO was about to die, on the verge of death or with one foot already in the other world, the truth is that SEO is still as alive as then and the Consumers continue to carry out many and varied searches to find what they want on the web. Search engines still have large masses of users and brands have to continue to rely on them as a tool to reach consumers, at least for the moment. And if SEO is still important, more china phone number list is still knowing where the shots will go in this area. What awaits brands in terms of positioning in the immediate future? What is there to worry about now that Google has already made it clear that mobile is crucial and that websites must be adapted? An analysis in Forbes establishes the 7 lines that will mark in 2016 SEO issues. The scepter will be for video content The Internet is not just written content and it won’t be in the future either. Other ways of producing content are becoming more and more popular and have an increasing weight in the strategy of brands, but not only will they be able to arouse more and more interest, but they will also succeed in surpassing these other contents in the near future.



The forecasts are that in 2016 video content will exceed written content in ROI (at least at the B2C level). The reason for this movement is in the increasing efficiency of video platforms. It is not only that videos can be uploaded to more spaces each time, but also more types of videos can be uploaded and thereby achieve more and more varied results. Repeat one more time: mobile is the epicenter The desktop cannot be forgotten forever, because consumers continue to use it, but neither can it be put on the desktop as the standard or as the epicenter of strategy. Consumers are using their mobile devices more and more (so much so that according to Google data, mobile searches have already overtaken desktop searches) and the future is even more mobile-friendly. Consumers will continue to use their mobile Betting Email List more and more (so much so that according to the analyst the desktop is expected to fall into obscurity over the next 5 years). Not having mobile at the center of the strategy is a serious mistake. Search will be searched differently Right now, when you think about searches, you think about the consumer looking directly in Google or in their competitors for what they need to know, but the future of search is not limited to them and above all, it should not make brands stay only with that. . Digital assistants, like Siri, are becoming more popular and they search in a different way. Brands have to be able to accommodate their types of searches and give them the answers they are looking for. Voice searches will also increase in the immediate future, which will also modify the strategies of brands when creating content. Added content will change the role of news Until now, if you wanted to know what was happening at a specific time, you had to go to a media outlet and see its live coverage or play with hashtags and the like on social networks. Now, or rather from now on and once some of the things that social media plans are normalized, things will go a bit differently. Platforms such as Moments, in which consumers are the generators of content and in which information about events and issues that are happening at the moment is added, will change how information is consumed and also the power that content has. The traditional will give way to the new and, as the analyst points out, it will make content marketing and its visibility more open to all. Social networks will be more easily indexed In recent years there have been voices that have warned of the importance of using social networks in SEO strategy. In 2016 there will be no choice but to listen to them. During that year, social networks will be even more easily indexed by search engines and the value that these will have for tools like Google will be increasing. Succeeding in social networks will not only involve issues related to engagement and the like, but will also affect at a different level. It will not only be social networks, but also apps Or, as the expert points out, the links in the mobile applications will start to be much more relevant. Google has been indexing apps in recent times, but more than it will index in the future, it already believes that applications will become much more popular in terms of traffic in the future than the usual websites. As apps become more and more important, their influence will grow. The links in them will therefore be much more valued in the near future. The local will be really localWhen talking about SEO, one should not stay with sophisticated things only, since the truth is that the close and the next also have a lot to do with it. In 2016, the analyst predicts, truly local SEO will explode: you have to position yourself according to geographical criteria, as search engines try to respond to consumers who are increasingly specific in relation to their environment. Mobile devices make the search for ‘restaurant’ already very different from what was done in the past. Wearables make this trend even more relevant.

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