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7 mobile marketing opportunities


7 mobile marketing opportunities

The smartphones have changed the way people live, posing new challenges for brands. A few days ago we had classes with Jordi Urbea , General Director of OgilvyOne in Barcelona and Professor of the Master in Direct and Digital VP Security Email Lists at UPF Barcelona School of Management . At the beginning of his presentation he called us to ask ourselves the following question: are mobiles a blessing or a curse for marketing? Although the majority answered in favor, there were those who viewed these devices with skepticism , which have become almost vital for millions of people around the world.

Chief and VP of Security Email Lists

What is clear is that Smartphones are transforming the way of life , thereby creating new scenarios and possibilities for those who work in Betting Email List teams . But what are the opportunities that mobile phones present to brands when it comes to interacting with their current and potential customers?
Urbea summarizes the opportunities of mobile marketing in these 7 points: Get responses and engagement by building consideration and sales opportunities . Develop branded content . Keep the dialogue alive during the purchase process to achieve better results.
Increase impact and ROI by using mobile information to deliver relevant messages and offers. Activate the power of localization to trigger purchasing decisions . Take advantage of the mobile phone to create positive online opinions that people trust more, with the nearby networks of each user having special importance.
Extend the reach and impact of the sales team through mobile devices .

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