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62% of Millennials do intensive research before buying


62% of Millennials do intensive research before buying

The Millennial generation is giving a lot to talk about. According to David Lahoz, professor at The Valley Digital Business School and CCO of Carat Barcelona, ​​this is a generation between the ages of 18 and 34 that was born in the digital age, being the first digital natives, but at the same time they have come to adulthood immersed in a deep crisis. A hyper-connected generation, with a highly digital profile that is highly reflected, for example, in the purchase process. Although in some cases their economic capacity is limited, they tend to focus that capacity on acquiring products that they really want. Therefore, the information process before making a purchase has never been so intense. 62% of Millennials indicate that they need to be sure that they have considered all possible options before deciding what to buy, using the Internet as the main point of information to make the purchase decision, and 75% finally make the purchase act on-line. That multiscreen use they boast of does not make them how to get a china mobile number in singapore to brand communication. 58% use a search engine to find information about a product they have just seen on television, 45% go directly to the advertiser’s website and 45% prefer to use social networks to learn more about the brand.


But it is not only the process of information about the products and the purchase decision that has been modified. More than half recommend this product to their friends, almost 20% follow the brand purchased on Facebook and more than 10% comment on their purchase on Twitter or on a blog. Millennials and the use of technology The second element that differentiates them is the use of technology as an inseparable companion of all aspects of their life. On average, they have more devices than the rest of the population, with which they connect to the network daily. The majority is still the PC (with 75%), closely followed by mobile devices (72%). Smart TV and game consoles still represent a very low percentage (4%). Millennials use the network intensively both to communicate and to be informed, but above all to entertain themselves. Thus, 73% communicate through Social Networks and 74% are informed thanks to search engines. Videos on the Internet are also a good formula for entertainment, according to 53%. However, the mobile phone is their preferred device. More than half of them think it is an essential part of their social life and more than a third feel lost without it. During the day, the mobile phone and its access to the Internet become the main activity, only slightly surpassed by television on desktop and prime time. Thus, TV is overtaken by the Internet connection in minutes of daily consumption: 144 minutes are connected daily compared to 104 minutes spent on TV. In addition, Millennials are the ones who use new technologies the most when they are in front of the television. 61% check social networks while enjoying their favorite program, more than half chat with their friends about what they are watching and 41% comment something about it on social networks. The profile of Millennials According to the Betting Email List Connection System study, carried out by Carat and released by The Valley Digital Business School, of Young Millennials (18-24 years old) only 10% work full time and 80% continue to live with their parents. For their part, of the Old Millennials (25-34 years old), more than half have a full-time job and 63% are emancipated.Life cycles have chang ed since 2008. The 18-34-year-old segment that year had an unemployment rate of 27% compared to 48% today; that affects emancipation, which has dropped 15 percentage points in this period of time. However, university education increased by 5%. Information, the collaborative environment and flexibility in the face of changes are strongly ingrained in their way of being. Although the life situation of many is far from easy, they are highly positive about their future and active in solving the challenges that arise every day. Hence, they are the generation with the highest level of training: 33% have a university degree. Going abroad to look for alternatives for the future is no longer an insurmountable barrier since 52% affirm that they would feel comfortable living in another country. Her main passions include spending time with friends, music, cooking, and shopping.

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