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62% of consumers decide their purchase at the point of sale


62% of consumers decide their purchase at the point of sale

in-Store Media, a leading Spanish multinational in point-of-sale communication, has carried out a study on purchasing dynamics in Spanish homes, in collaboration with the specialized consulting firm Salvetti & Llombart. In almost half of Spanish households (46%) a large weekly purchase and several small purchases are made. In the monthly purchase, china phone numbers sms spend an average of 40 minutes and products are purchased for an amount of about 50 euros. Buyers prefer to do it alone or with a partner and buy products from all categories (food, drugstore, beverages …). The establishments chosen to make purchases are supermarkets (79.9%), hypers (55.2%), neighborhood stores (24.6%) and municipal markets (15.6%). Decisions are made at the point of sale


The study concludes that most purchasing decisions are made in the store and, therefore, it is possible to influence the behavior of the buyer. Specifically, 9 out of 10 Spaniards plan their purchase but only write down the generic name of the product, and 62% decide which product or brand to finally buy at the point of sale. Regarding novelties, 79.2% of buyers are aware of innovations at the point of sale, being 2 times more Betting Email List than television or the internet. The final decision, in the case of new products, is also made mostly at the store, with 63.5% of buyers deciding to buy the innovation inside the store. Based on these results, the study analyzes the impact of communication at the point of sale, which must be very visual and clearly show the product, the brand and the benefit so that it helps the buyer, facilitating their understanding so that they can make a purchase. smart, and reinforce decision-making. Course on e-Marketing at CEF.- Center for Financial Studies
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