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6 steps to increase visits to your blog with SEO


6 steps to increase visits to your blog with SEO

The SEO is a word that is often used today. Many worry because they do not know or are not sure that they are writing their posts in the best way to increase the number of visits organically , that is, with SEO.

In this article I will describe the process that I use every day to take advantage of  Paraguay Phone Number List  and reach more than 10,000 visits per month.

1. Create a list of articles

With the blog topic in mind, I start by creating a list of topics that I will be able to write about and listing them on an Excel sheet .

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Thanks to this list, it helps me to know that I am writing about the best possible topics and in the most efficient way. The best way to create this list is to think of a few themes and post styles and mix them up to create a giant listFor example, for the WeFitte r blog we would have these categories: image 1

Then I add a column that I call “Generator” and I apply the “CONCATENATE” function to it to create and join the themes between the various columns that I had already formed.

image 2

To finish, I create a new Excel column with the new topics that I have previously created: Blog Topics Note: In the event that you paste them and you get the message of “Error”, you must choose “Paste only values”

2. Prioritize Items

Now that we have a list of the main topics that we can write, we have to classify them according to those that will make the most sense on our blog, so that we can increase our Betting Email List traffic. For this we have to make a ranking by depth of each topic.

Depth of each topic: I can number them 1-3 based on the depth level of each of the topics on the list:

1: Short, funny and a single post. More or less up to 1000 words.
2: Medium, 1000-2000 words.
3: Very good topic to talk in depth, usually more than 2000 words.
3. Compare the Value of SEO

Now, with those that you have classified with “2” and “3”, you will discover what their value is in terms of SEO, that is, how many visitors are you going to be able to gain with this type of article.

Go to Google Keyword Planner first . Then take one of the themes you have created, paste it as you have it and click on the “Get Ideas” button . And it will generate something like this:

Picture 4

With this result we can start looking for some variations of the theme to see if we get better results. To sort and find out which is the best combination you can add a column with the “Keyword Volume” to your Excel sheet.

image 5

4. Select 5-10 topics

With the list you have created, select the topics that have the most volume and start writing about them. Those that do not have such a high search volume can be left for later.

5. Create a calendar

Before you start writing, create a calendar to schedule the articles to publish. At least you must publish 2 articles per month on your blog and one article per week on other blogs. The most important thing about having a calendar is that you comply with it, this is going to be the determining factor for success.

6. Create a list of similar blogs for Guest Blogging

Create a list of similar blogs that you can contact to use your content on their blogs and at the same time, make links to go to your blog. This is one way to earn a lot of SEO points. In addition, you can publish their articles on your blog and gain their trust even more.

For example, you can write something like:

“Hello, good afternoon, I’m XX. We love your content, it is very interesting and perfectly written. We are XX.

A few days ago we published a post from your blog and we directed it to the original post, you can see it here: link to the post I think it would be incredible if we could work together, so you would gain visibility for your blog with access to a base of more than 50,000 people and still gain SEO reputation for backlinks. What do you think? ”


This is how with these 6 simple steps, your blog will go up a lot in SEO and in the end you will earn monthly visits .

Do you have other techniques that you use? Share your strategies with us!

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