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6 keys to optimizing your Google Ads campaigns


6 keys to optimizing your Google Ads campaigns

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see immediate results with inbound marketing strategies and, precisely for this reason, it is advisable to complement our strategy with paid campaigns.Although there are several payment tools that allow us to create campaigns to increase leads quickly, Google Ads is the perfect tool to do it with good quality and increase our chances of success. Let’s see how!list_altIndex of contents
Six keys to optimization
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Creating campaigns that add value to the user allows us to enhance the results of our inbound marketing strategy in the short term. The key to the success of these campaigns lies, on the one hand, in the establishment of a active phone numbers in us objective and, on the other, in a good optimization of these.The most appropriate objective to combine a Google Ads strategy with inbound marketing strategies is to maximize conversions or contacts. Campaign optimization should focus on this objective, always trying to achieve the highest possible quality.Thus, if we want to obtain the best possible performance from our Google Ads campaigns, it will be necessary for us to review their status periodically to identify possible ways of improvement. In general, it is a good idea to wait about two weeks from the last time an optimization was done to keep a good track of its performance .


Only in this way will we be letting the Google algorithm work well and we will be able to know with more certainty if the changes we have applied have been effective or not.Once that time has passed, how can we continue to optimize the campaigns? Here are some ideas …Six keys to optimization
Here are six key points to keep in mind to optimize your Google Ads campaigns and meet your conversion goal in the most efficient way.1. Organize your campaigns and ad groups well
Google Ads campaigns are the basic foundations around which our entire strategy will revolve, so it is very important to structure them correctly. For search Betting Email List , what we have to do is create as many ad groups as we have semantically related keywords .In other words, each ad group will have to feature a specific keyword along with its possible variations:GA campaigns hierarchyThere are several reasons and benefits of applying this division:

On the one hand, this division ensures alignment between keywords, ads and landing page. That is, we can more easily optimize the text of the ads and the landing page based on the keywords that appear in that group. This will offer us a greater relevance of our ads, as well as a greater user experience.
On the other, it helps us to detect which are the ad groups that offer us the best results to boost them.
2. Check the quality level of the words and landings
In order not to see the positioning of our ads penalized, it is important to review the quality level of our keywords. To do this, you have to look at a note that Google Ads scores our set of ads, groups and campaigns out of ten according to 3 variables: experience on the landing page, relevance of the ad and expected CTR.On the one hand, we have to check if the experience on the landing page of our campaigns is good enough. This will depend on what we are offering:Relevant, useful and original content.
Easy navigation on the landing.
A fast loading time.
If our landing does not meet these requirements and does not offer content related to the keywords of the campaign, the quality score of our campaign will be affected and our ads could even not print.New Call-to-action
In addition, another point to take into account is that if the landing to which we redirect users is not optimized from an SEO point of view, no matter how many impressions our ad receives or no matter how high our CTR is, we will not achieve our goal: the conversion of the user to lead. Some tips that can help the conversion of visitors and improve the quality of the campaign are the following:Add the main keyword in the title of the landing and, at least 2 times in the body of the text.
Offer a friendly URL with the main keyword of the ad group.
Offer short, clear, descriptive and attractive texts that are easy to understand.Add a visible form for conversion that is eye-catching, looks good on all devices, and doesn’t have too many fields to fill out.
Make it clear what the user is going to achieve by filling in the form.
Finally, in terms of review topics, we have to make sure that our ads are well structured and that their texts are attractive enough to generate clicks or conversions. The most important thing here is to make sure that we use the main keyword in the title and at least once in the text.3. Get relevant keywords
Our main goal is to use keywords that bring us traffic to our ad’s landing page and drive conversions. To achieve this, there will be 3 main points to carry out when optimizing our campaigns:1. Make keyword cleaning every so often and check the matches
To optimize our budget to the maximum, if we locate keywords for which we have not obtained impressions or that do not convert in an approximate period of 1 month, we will eliminate them to be able to allocate the budget to the rest of the keywords. When doing this cleaning, we must also eliminate those keywords that show a low quality level.To increase the likelihood of getting impressions, we can also adjust keyword matches if they happen to be broad (they tend to be that way by default). The objective is to limit the searches that activate our ads to those that can give us clicks and conversions, so you will have to think about what type of match can work best for each keyword (exact, phrase or leave it broad).Google Ads matches

2. Locate the keywords with a high% of lost searches (more than 50%)
In general, those ads that appear in the first position tend to have a greater number of clicks, so we are interested in that all our keywords have a high percentage of impressions at the top of the search (ranking). Thus, we must try to position those keywords that do not usually appear at the top if we see that they are important to achieve our goal. To do this, we have two options:Optimize the ads and the landing page so that they are well aligned. With this action we will be able to increase its level of quality, so that it is possible that we can be assigned a higher priority.
Increase the volume of the bid of the keyword, as long as the budget and the type of bid of our campaign allow it.3. Add new keywords
Among the search terms for which we appear, we can check if there are new keywords that we can add to our ad group, if our budget allows it. We will only add them if they are well related to the rest of the keywords in our campaign (remember that everything has to be well aligned). In addition, to see if they are good keywords, we must review their search volumes well so as not to be adding highly competitive and / or too broad words.

4. Add negative keywords
You should always keep in mind that the objective we want to pursue in Google Ads is to attract the right traffic, so there will be some terms for which we do not want to appear, since the audience they will attract will not be the ideal one.So that this does not happen, we must resort to the use of negative keywords, since they are the ones that will allow us to exclude this type of search terms from our campaigns. In this way we can focus on the relevant keywords and optimize the budget.Although there will surely already be some terms for which we already know that we do not want to appear from the beginning, it is important to analyze the search terms section regularly to identify those keywords for which we have appeared and have generated unnecessary budget expenditure. For example, you may receive contacts from users who are looking for services that are different from yours, although similar, so you will have to review how they have reached you to exclude these types of words.By excluding these types of terms, we will be able to optimize the budget of our campaigns much more and ensure that the clicks that reach you are really valuable.5. Add ad extensions
For search campaigns, you need to include extensions in your ads. These extensions allow us to offer additional information about the products / services we offer at no extra cost. Adding about 2 extensions will help us improve visibility and achieve a higher quality to the ads so that they are better positioned. Compare, for example, the following ads. Which one is the most attractive and catches your eye? To me, clearly the A.

Ad A – With extensions

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