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5G and its revolution in Digital Marketing


5G and its revolution in Digital Marketing

The 5G (GSM – Global System for Mobile communications) promises to be a revolution for our age; Unimaginable transfer, download and browsing speeds will redefine the way we operate and interact with things. Without a doubt, it will be a big change for users , but it will be even more beneficial for marketing and the way we communicate with our audience today. We tell you the advantages of 5G technology .

5G Big Data: capture Philippines Phone Number List and use it in real time
The most important and tangible benefit for marketing will be the ability to capture and receive fresh data in real time. 5G will make it possible to connect all kinds of devices that emit a signal to not only coordinate their functions, but also to use them for the benefit of companies. Appliances, for example, will be able to notify us directly if they are broken or need repair. This is where we can get the most out of it as marketing experts, because we will know whether to offer our customer immediately a replacement or even a product to replace the damaged one.

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If you are interested in this topic, also read what chains like MacDonald’s and Domino’s are doing with the help of artificial intelligence, and imagine what they can do with the arrival of 5G Would You Like Fries With That? McDonald’s Already Knows the Answer.

Deploying content will now be easier
Implementing Betting Email List, broadcasting live or uploading content in virtual reality will be easier thanks to the high transfer speeds offered by 5G. Formats like these that were previously discarded in campaigns due to their weight, will now be part of the communication. There is talk of transfer speeds of up to a giga, this means browsing and download speeds between 10 and 20 times faster than those offered by 4G, according to the BBC . With the arrival of 5G, the way we communicate as marketing experts will be much more dynamic.

The consequences of GSM 5G: A hyper-connected world
The GSM 5G (Global System for Mobile Communications), will give us the ability to manage a large number of connections simultaneously. In fact, one of its main missions is to achieve a universal connection through 5G antennas. In a hyper-connected world, we as marketers will have to think globally and not locally, since our communication will reach the last corner of the planet in the blink of an eye .

Infinity of data, amazing speeds and a hyper-connected world will be our reality and the new challenge of communication.

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