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5 ways to be a business influencer on Instagram


5 ways to be a business influencer on Instagram

With its focus on big celebrities, food and lifestyle, Instagram is often seen as a platform for food porn and to follow the popular ones… Faaaalso! Instagram is extraordinary for you and your brand to become Business Development Directors Email Lists influencers. We give you 5 tips so that you can begin to be one.The people of Facebook (owner of Instagram) are striving to increase its use among executives and business people, even inviting them continuously to change their personal profile for a brand one.Should I change my personal Instagram to a business account?The answer is no. Do not do it. The why is very simple. The algorithm change that had recently Instagram favors individuals over brands; and the why of this is very obvious. Just like it did with its main tool, Facebook wants businesses to pay it for reach, so as soon as you convert your personal account to a business one, your reach will drastically decrease and you will be in their game.Now, can you advertise for your business even with a personal account? Of course yes! The only thing you have to do is hook it to your Facebook account, where you guide your ads.How to link my personal Instagram to my Facebook ads
To add an existing Instagram account to your Facebook page:

Go to your Facebook page.Click Settings at the top right of the page.In the left bar of the next screen, click on Instagram Ads .To add an Instagram account, click Add an account .Enter your Instagram account username and password and click Confirm . Voila!How to link Instagram to facebookOnce you have done it, you are ready, both to run organic posts with good reach (since you have a personal profile), and to advertise with an extended and segmented reach, using the Facebook Power Editor.It is an opportune time for SMEs, personal businesses, CEOs and other executives to use the platform to offer a more human face to their followers. According to Edelman , there are five ways that business influencers can use Instagram :Share your passionShare images around the passions of your community. Here it is important to remind you that it is NOT a popularity contest, but an engagement contest; 200 accounts that follow you and are really well connected with you are worth more than 2,000 that you only gathered by using hashtags but they don’t even know who you are.See how GE Vice President Beth Comstock shares her day-to-day life, with images that she knows her fans will like. It is preferable to show who you are than to try to be just a pose by showing what you want to be.How to be an influencer on InstagramShare your corporate culture

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Find ways to link your corporate culture in an organic way. Consider highlighting the culture, purpose, products and your collaborators in front of any type of sale.As a trivia fact, I will tell you that Instagram is the platform most used by Walmart associates. Walmart CEO Doug Mcmillon , for example, uses it to share employee stories. From a recruiting point of view, you can attract top talent by highlighting the mission, culture, and social impact of your Betting Email List. Look at this post how bold and at the same time how cool!Be an Influencer on InstagramAlso focus on social issuesA third group of images should focus on issues of social importance. Today, it is brands with purpose that are winning the hearts, minds and pockets of consumers. Check out this post from Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg himself , who with just a short paragraph and a picture talks about the mission of the Facebook Connectivity Lab team providing Internet access to people in third world countries using power sources alternatives.

how to be an influencer with instagramBe relevant
Share industry news. People value your perspective on what is happening in your company, industry and community. Share news with a concise update that reveals why it matters to you and your audience. Luiza Urquiza , a Brazilian travel agent, posts about the Orlando Eye, a new Ferris wheel in Orlando, speaking not only of how shocked she is with the size but that it was under repair. Always consider opportunities to talk about current news and topics to share ideas with your followersHow to be an influencerEngage with your audience in real timeBuild credibility with people by giving them access through Instagram to moments they couldn’t experience otherwise. Instagram Stories is a space to share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. When you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format – your story. The LOFT store thus created a story with two guests, challenging them to find something for each that the other thought they could not use. Obviously the result was a lot of fun. In addition to the story, the brand also asked them to appear in an Instagram post tagging their best friends.Influencers on InstagramTell us what you think below, talk in our Facebook group for Inspirational Marketing , or if you do us the honor of opening the door of your life, we can send you these contents once a week to your email . We love hearing from you.

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