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5 ways to avoid becoming spam


5 ways to avoid becoming spam

Learn how to do Email Marketing campaigns without going directly to junk mail as spam.
Some time ago we spoke with Giovanna Capasso , professor of the Master in Digital Direct VP Risk Email Lists at BSM-UPF and an expert in Email Marketing campaigns .

On that occasion, we made it clear which are the key elements of an Email Marketing campaign and why this channel is still relevant within the Digital Marketing strategy (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’d better see our Email Marketing post : the pretty girl of digital marketing ). So now is the time to put your hands in the dough and focus on how to avoid becoming spam .

VP of Risk Email Lists

Is there anything more annoying than brand emails that arrive at any time and without relevant content? If they made it to your inbox and not spam , it probably won’t take long for you to do it yourself.

The infoxication or information overload and is part of the daily lives of users, so brands must make space for their audiences pay attention to them, either offline level or online channels such as social media, banners or Betting Email List .

In that sense, the teacher gave us 5 good practices to carry out so as not to become spam:
BUILD A REPUTATION AROUND THE DOMAIN: related to the IP address you use to send email campaigns. Internet Service Providers evaluate reputation based on various parameters, so it is important to know them to be able to send without falling into spam.
HAVE A GOOD EMAIL SERVICES PROVIDER (ESP): it is the intermediary between the sender and the recipient, so it is essential that it allows you to be able to deliver all emails legibly and for different browsers and Smartphones.
DO NOT SEND MORE THAN TWO EMAILS A DAY TO THE SAME PERSON: remember that the idea is not to saturate.
RESPECT THE TIMES AND DAYS OF DELIVERY: if you have already used your Database to receive communications on a specific day and time, make sure you maintain these standards.
AND THE MOST IMPORTANT, SEGMENT AND BE RELEVANT WITH THE MESSAGE !: It is useless to send an excellent promotion of meats to a vegetarian or baby diapers to an older adult. Get to know your clients and deliver messages according to their characteristics and interests.

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