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5 trends that will change how brands use social media in 2016


5 trends that will change how brands use social media in 2016

Saying that social media is a trend may seem too old now. Social networks have been a trend for years. However, and despite the time that passes and the fact that these tools are increasingly standardized in the existence of consumers and brands, the universe of the social is neither called to disappear from future forecasts nor is it called to remain as always and without changes. There are still many changes that can be experienced and many realities that can be modified. So much so that social networks will continue to enter the emerging trends for 2016 and will lead a series of changes that will affect the strategy of the brands. These will be, according to Hootsuite forecasts , the five big changes that will modify how social networks are used in the universe of brands during the next year. Social media will take the company from within Social networks have changed the structure of what companies do or the way they reach consumers. But the changes imposed by social networks will go further in 2016 and will begin to affect the company’s own internal issues. That is, social networks are going to take control of their own workspaces. phone search canada will have to start using social networks to work and to allow their workers to communicate. The success of Slack is a great example, as is the fact that Facebook entered the market with Facebook at Work. Employees will be the new brand ambassadors Until now, companies have mainly focused on two fields to create brand ambassadors. On the one hand, they have opted for influencers, since they manage to reach mass audiences and convince them with their messages. On the other hand, they have bet on the consumers themselves, since it has been shown that their opinions are very powerful when it comes to convincing other consumers.


In this area, companies had lost sight of their own workers who are, in fact, a powerful tool to amplify and make their message known. As they point out in the analysis, companies will focus during 2016 on convincing employees to become brand ambassadors on social media. In fact, the programs that work in this field have grown by 191% since 2013. Social messaging is the new frontier Consumers are increasingly present in spaces such as WhatsApp and are increasingly using messaging applications. They use them, until now, to communicate with each other and in their private lives, but at the moment not so much to communicate with companies, even though they would like to (who would not want to communicate with customer service for a quick chat of WhatsApp instead of using an eternal phone call?). Things could change in the future or, rather, they are about to change. Betting Email List have not ventured into this field because it is not only difficult to use these tools but also because they fall within what is known as ‘dark social’, that traffic that is difficult to measure. In 2016, however, better analytical tools could appear and that could change the situation. In addition, the fact that social networks in general are encouraging messaging tools makes them increasingly normal and ‘usable’ for companies. Advertising on social networks will experience a boom (or will reach the peak of its boom) The investment of brands in advertising on social networks has grown by 33.5% during 2015, according to data managed by Hootsuite. The figure is not only spectacular by itself, but it is also shocking if one takes into account that there was no advertising on social networks a few years ago. The forecasts are that in 2017, advertising on social networks will represent 17% of all online advertising. 2016 will therefore be the year of its peak. And it will also be the golden age of social video They are not the first to say so, and they may not be the last. 2016 will be the great year of social video. Social networks have not only created the necessary tools to share videos, with more and more social networks that support video, but they have also seen how it became more and more popular and was more and more used. Facebook, for example, experienced the great boom in the use of videos on the platform in 2015. This has prepared the ground for 2016, when videos on social networks will live their great moment of glory and will become more and more used. Social networks, such as Facebook or Snapchat, are also preparing new functionalities in this field that will help even more to position these services and make them more used. The only problem, they alert from Hootsuite, could be in the companies. Uploading videos will be very easy and finding a receptive audience even more. What will be difficult will be creating those videos. The videos are, although it may seem that they are not, something expensive and complex to produce (at least if you want to do with quality).ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing
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